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You play as James, a test subject for a biological syrum, in which you need to escape the laboratory before the whole thing affects your whole body.

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Really interesting concept; could have been pulled off better, but the trial-and-error thing worked pretty well. If you didn't use jumpscares every other second and would've kept the tension built for a solid half-minute it would've been much better. Also, if you're going to rip all your scares off google images, at least make sure they're decently scary and not cheesy or redundant. Cool story, though, and as I already stated the trial-and-error gameplay was really neat.To be honest if you take this off and re-release it with a bit more built tension and less of the obviously terrible jumpscares, you may have yourself a nice horror game. Keep on and good luck with future games!

Its a terrible game with nothing to it, all that happens is you walk around and constantly trigger jumpsacres with awkward animations. I never seen a game with literally no potential at all.

This was a rather boring game.
So many badly placed jump scares and they are usually the same. This building we enter makes no sense, in terms of room placing and the whole thing is basically one big empty labyrinth. Seriously, there is almost nothing in the rooms, which means naming them is just as pointless. Not one innovative scare was put into this game, and I don't even know why I died.
Also, there is no running option which makes the gameplay longer and it is very frustrating.


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This is great game devs! Just fix some things like the mouse sensitivity, sprinting, and add more story - this could be the new thing on the market..
Also, I watched the teaser for Courage Alone and Lost and I was not disappointed. The game's graphics is truly beautiful. I can't wait to play it after it will come out! :) God bless man and good luck!


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This game rock my WORLD!

Everything is well played by the Developers and though its kinda short but who knows, Part 2 Alone & Lost will be released anyway this January... :D



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