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A cute and bubbly anime Shoot 'em Up for PC. Enter the colorful world of Corona and fight your way through increasingly adorable monsters!

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Introducing... the members of Ribbonya! Get to know the people behind the anime shoot 'em up Corona!

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Corona's development has finally resumed, and what better way to start than introducing the strange beings behind the scenes! Read on if you want to learn more about the mysterious lives of anime game developers.


Snowduck Stats

Blub- I mean, hi! I'm Snowduck!

I'm mainly responsible for all the programming in Corona… but…

I like to have my hands- uh, wings in everything, so I also draw all kinds of random graphics. I especially like to draw cute little anime characters, so I’m always stealing the tasks of designing and drawing our main characters from Killerchibi… Character illustrations are pretty much my speciality, and my style is very clean and cute - probably the reason why Corona has a style very close to mine. I can also draw other graphics on demand, especially the small stuff like particle effects, UI elements and small sprites. Sometimes I even draw characters as pixel art, and animate them to do my bidding! Bwahahahaa!

I’m also the duckie behind a lot of the design in the game. So if there’s something annoying in the game, you can probably blame me! I’m not doing the design alone, but I’m usually the one organizing the design sessions and stubbornly holding onto my ideas as long as possible. I also bring cookies as entertainment or as bribes so I can get my way… though I don’t think it’s working. I especially really like designing storylines and plot twists, but after implementation they always seem to be far less grand than I hoped. Apart from the story, I actively design awesome gameplay stuff. So far I’m almost proud of how well the gameplay elements in Corona have turned out, but I’m still itching to change more than half of them… and most likely scrap the rest and insert a thousand more features into the mix...

Sometimes I even do stuff I really, really shouldn’t touch. I have absolutely no expertise in audio work, but I had to do a big bunch of sound effects for Corona’s latest version. The results were... well, horrifyingly bad but baaarely acceptable. I sure am glad we actually have some Japanese voices to distract everyone away from the sound effects, ahahaa. But that’s something for another article!


Killerchibi Stats

Mwahahaa! It’s Killerchibi here! I’m the big and scary graphics artist, at least as scary as the monsters I’ve designed!


I’m mostly doing character and monster art and their in-game sprites. Because of Corona, I’m doing anime art at the moment, but I can draw other things too. Like butterflies! I’m a bit funny in that I usually start my drawing process by sketching on paper with a pencil - it’s so much easier to perceive proportions and stuff that way. When I’m happy with the sketch, I just scan the picture and draw on top of it in Photoshop. If I’m really frustrated or have no idea what I want to draw I just start randomly scribbling on a piece of paper and let the pencil move on its own… the results can be reeeally… interesting… I also have some expertise on layout and printing work, which can be handy when doing UI design or website stuff or even an artbook if we happen to want to make one.

I’m not just an artist though. Nowadays I’m slowly encroaching on other fields, like Snowduck’s precious game design. Next stop: coding- not! When designing, I ask dozens and dozens of questions. But I do it nicely, I smile and raise my hand shyly… and then I brutally point out what’s wrong with the design. Sometimes I’m also helpful (I think) and throw out random ideas, and they turn out to fix a lot of problems. Snowduck keeps bringing all these cookies into our design sessions, and I think I have a theory about them… When I get hungry, I’m dangerous, so he must be scared of that! Oh well, even if I’m not hungry, I just eat all the cookies anyway.

Oh and I can poke people if they’re starting to fall asleep... or if they’re not doing something that really needs to be done… or when they’re not working as fast as I want. Mwah.

Next time, we will be talking about the history of the Corona project and how we got to this point. If you have any questions or anything, be sure to leave a comment! We'll be staring at the comments box like a hawk, so don't disappoint us!

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