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Wind waker meets Dark Souls An open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice, for PC, Mac and Linux.

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I'd like to see a thick lineborder in the models, that would improve a lot the cell shading, also add more sound effects.

Keep working, I donated 1$ to the project in Kickstarter


EiYoLo says

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I really cannot wait for your game!! I hope you guys can pull this game off soon, I love everything I'm seeing.

-Eola <3

This game is good game for alpha and all. Great graphics, Love the sounds, but gameplay needs a little more work like adding a map, hints, fix the swiming, and you outrun the foes, so i give this game a 8/10

The game is currently in Alpha, so glitches and bugs are readily expected and not frowned upon - for instance the occasional spasm that sometimes occurs upon picking up a weapon, many a laugh was had at the expense of that.
When these are looked past you can clearly see great potential for this wonderful game. Bright, cute, interesting, challenging and most importantly - fun. When compared to Wind Waker as in the game's own summary, it's not entirely far off!
I mean, it currently lacks a storyline or much in the way of an introduction, but the potential is jumping right out of the screen and I will most definitely be playing a lot of Cornerstone: The song of Tyrim.


quite slow

It is a great game, I enjoyed it very much!


great looking game

Good game. Can't wait for an update with more content.

Awesome idea. And of what I have seen so far, fantastically implemented!


This game is really fun and will probably one of the best games ever made (if you like these kind of games).
If you don't believe me, just try out the demo ;)

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