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Core Exiles is a Sci-fi Browser Game. We hold our hands in the air at being 'Old School', but we have a game here with so much depth and breadth you will be tripping over new things to do in years from now!

How many games can say that these days?

Our players have burnt over 1 Billion units of Fuel! Mined over 515 million units of resources, moved over 500 million units of cargo, fought over 11.6 million combat sorties, salvaged 494,000 of them and looted over 768 million units of loot!!!

If that was not enough when asked about the economy, I point at the fact that since setting up the Player Emporiums a few years back, they have passed the 55 BILLION credit mark in sales! Yes that was with a B :)

So if your looking for a permanent browser game home, with friendly staff and players and a game that will keep on giving you more options than you can shake a fat stick at... come on over to Core-Exiles.

You can play Core-Exiles on any standards-compliant web browser. It is not designed to run on mobiles.

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Coops Challenge Number 12!


Coops Challenge Number 12!

Challenge Starts: 13th of July 11:00 AM | Ends 29th of July at 14:00.

OK, the Twelfth Coops Challenge is lined up! For those who have not played before this is where I have laid out a series of challenges for players to complete. Each challenge has at least three stages and for EACH stage that's completed, I add 500 Fuel to an end total of Fuel you will get in the form of a Fuel Ticket.

If you were to complete ALL the challenges this time around that would amount to a Ticket for 26,500 fuel! (for EVERY player that took part).

Mech War Begins
I will also be letting the Mech Pirates lose in the Mech arena. There will be three Pirate Captain with several thousand Mechs waiting in the hanger bay for combat. These will be dropped 24 X 7 over the challenge. Killing these works towards three of the Coops Challenge stages, not to mention some cool prizes along the way for certain kills (see the Competition Thread section of the forums closer to the start date).

Coops Goodie Bag
Then there is the Coops Goodie Bag. Once the first stage is completed I will 'Begin' to edit the Goodie Bag post. This goodie bag grows and grows each day as the stages are completed. The day after the comp closes I will award Everyone that took part whatever is in the Goodie bag!

Coops Challenge Reward Tokens
We also have the Reward Tokens to be collected and handed in. Another three-stage process for you to add towards. These tokens will appear next to any other current collections of July festive items. These are handed out by the Festive ticker, all you have to do is PLAY. The more you play the more you stand a chance of collecting them.

Hand them in at the Coops Challenge Offices and not only add to the stages but also get some Festive Points. These offices will OPEN in the following locations.

Aurelia - ARK-09 - Furnace
Blake - Lucious Port - Furnace
Descarte - Messor - Sphere
Elmquae - Habitat-87 - Verec-per
Ethan - Darius - Sphere
Feris - Haven - Sphere
Franklyn - Yeltsim - Sphere
Gainsboro - Pyragles Base - Sphere
Kirzhach - Starbase-140 - Furnace
Metri - Janus Station - Furnace
Mork - Mindy - Furnace
Mostony - Edana - Verec-per
Oengo - Otaio - Verec-per
Pevek - Trade Hub 59- Furnace
Sunrise - Zwanziq Station - Sphere
Tantas - Yonartthakr - Expanse
Trantor - Fujimori - Anvil
Xellum - Jaworski - Anvil
Yam - Sabian - Expanse
Zarante - Berolina - The Forge

Once the Challenge is Live - You will be able to access the Coops Challenge stats table at any time from in-game via the 'CE Guides' tab.

Have fun folks and keep an eye on the Chat for rewards and prizes being given away by myself and the staff and for special Mech kills!

Coops - Solo Developer


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I've been playing for 6 months now. Always plenty to do and a really friendly staff. Player base is very helpful and generous.
Old school, certainly. Play at your own pace, do what you wish. No PvP

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Always something to do. Active community. Active Devs.

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Truely a fantastic game to spend time on almost every day. Never got short on things to do. Friendly community and helpful staff. Truely a browser game for anyone looking for a deep and sometimes, challenging game.

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Nice game!

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Just wandered in, discovered a jewel with a large and diversified crafting, family friendly, and moderators who are working hard with their community.

Check it out.

Rumtwist was here... now back to CE.

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Coops mentions in the header that the game is not designed to run
on mobile. Since my computer tower became possessed 10 months ago
I've been running it successfully on my antique cellphone.
The only feature that won't display 100% are the galaxy maps
(which can easily be overcome with a pencil and paper) or a good
memory. .... o.k. .. in my case a pencil and paper. - mentl

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well, for those who cant afford an expensive gaming desktop to play all those super graphic games, CE is still fun to play for we do not get attacked by the LAG monster. Also its not a player vs player game, so griefing or abusive language will not pop up for we dont fight eachother. a very excellent game to do I must say, and yay for oldscool. we still love it!

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Very nice.

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Playing the game very recently, enjoying it quite a bit, proper old skool indeed :D

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