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Core Exiles is a Sci-fi Browser Game. We hold our hands in the air at being 'Old School', but we have a game here with so much depth and breadth you will be tripping over new things to do in years from now!

How many games can say that these days?

Our players have burnt over 1 Billion units of Fuel! Mined over 515 million units of resources, moved over 500 million units of cargo, fought over 11.6 million combat sorties, salvaged 494,000 of them and looted over 768 million units of loot!!!

If that was not enough when asked about the economy, I point at the fact that since setting up the Player Emporiums a few years back, they have passed the 55 BILLION credit mark in sales! Yes that was with a B :)

So if your looking for a permanent browser game home, with friendly staff and players and a game that will keep on giving you more options than you can shake a fat stick at... come on over to Core-Exiles.

You can play Core-Exiles on any standards-compliant web browser. It is not designed to run on mobiles.

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love it
give it a try

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It's the Christmas season over at Core Exiles. That means lots and lots of giveaways. A perfect time to try the game and see what the fuss is all about! It's free to try and free to play! No level limits.
Captain Elkhorn

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I have been playing this game on and off for several years. Every time I come back it is still fun to play. I will admit I have paid for a few items in this game but for the most part I have played for free. I have done mining, slavaging, hauling, and even combat (not my favorite part of game, but others would like it more than I). I have even crafted items a little bit. Overall the game is fun and entertaining.

Capt. Henry

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What can I say about CE? I've been playing since 2009. I'm not the top player because I took some time off. When I came back though, everything was still there!
The game is truly free to play. You don't have to spend a dime and you can get along just fine. You don't have to race to finish everything.
CE is a deep game. You have to think and make decisions about where you want to go and what you want to do. There isn't a "reset" every three months.
There are avenues of the game that I have looked at, but have no interest in following. When I get tired of mining, I haul cargo. When I get tired of cargo I swap out my cargo hold for a passenger module and haul people. Sometimes I'll do some salvage, or explore the expanse, or explore a planet bringing it closer to being a habitable planet.
I currently have a settlement at level 6 and one at level 2. The level 6 settlement is self-supporting and the level 2 is stable.
If you want to play a long term, involved game with an active developer (our beloved COOPS) who is on every day TALKING WITH THE PLAYERS, a friendly community and just plain FUN; stop by and check it out. It won't cost you a dime! Really!

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Im King David from Core Exiles 3 year Veteran

This is an awesome community of players, many 9-10 years. Coops and Prev work hard to bring us changes and upgrades to keep the veteran engaged and the newb to understand the environment.
The biggest feature is that the game is literally completely free. Like seriously, the DEV has made all of the MUST HAVE items able to be obtained reasonably without spending real money. I believe if you love this game like I do AND have the ability that you should give to the work. But if your like many and are on a tighter budget than Core- Exiles is your home.
There is no traditional PVP and this game facilitates the person that ones everyday gaming and will also allow you to play at your own pace.
If you want to try Core Exiles. Send me a PM in game to King David and I will help you get acclimated. There is something for every play style here. We have young people and OlD Fogies on CE, (looks at Enaz de Freeman who plays with his oxygen tank close by!)
Cheers to Core Exiles

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Core Exiles is a lot of fun. I have been playing for 5 months. Basically, it is a slow developing game. You build up your galactic empire by collecting various resources through a myriad of techniques, then use those resources to build various items that advance your empire.

You can develop your ship to fight or mine or salvage or transport or a combination. You can build your own ports on planets, construct corporations and develop mining barges. You can craft your own items or buy and sell them on an open market. There is no winning, per se. It is an open ended sandbox. The goal, I suppose is to continue to grow your empire as a galactic captain.

The game is mostly free. I mean you can play and progress without spending a dime (or whatever is your local cheap currency). But you can accelerate your growth via in-game purchase. And why not? I mean, someone went through years of effort to develop this game. If you are like me and have been playing it for months, why not give the owner a little compensation?

That said, the developer is basically Santa. He has contests and give aways frequently. In just 5 months, I have won/earned several items that could only be gotten otherwise via real money. If you're the kind of person who wants everything given to them for free right away, then maybe this isn't the game for you. But if you like a challenge, if you are looking for a pass time that doesn't hit a wall and keeps on challenging you day after day, month after month and (no joke) year after year, then Core Exiles is worth getting in to.

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I love this game! I started out playing years ago, but came back about a year ago. You can literally do anything you want in the game. There's no PvP, so you won't get jumped by any older players as in most other games.There are mech battles that you can participate in if you want.

I personally am a miner, but I dabble in many of the other skills. This game is VAST! Coops works really hard to provide new content, he's literally coding every day. He is also very generous and runs contests and sets goals for rewards. He's in the chat room all the time and talks to us all the time. What other dev/creator does that?

I have 2 settlements started and am building them up slowly.I'm saving for my next ship( more cargo room!)New players, don't be afraid to ask questions if you get stuck.As far as premium content, you can get everything you need using your in-game currency...eventually. This is not a quick shoot em up, and will still be challenging after years of play. It's also set up so that the visually impaired can play with a screen reader.

Give it a try, and don't give up, you'll most likely grow to love the game , as many other players do. come and play, if you want to add me when you sign up, feel free to. Nifft Thellian is is my captain name. If you bring in your friends remember that if you refer them when you sign up you can get some nice gear after reaching a certain level. I've said my piece, hopefully I'll see some new faces out beyond the core.

Safe travels!*Nifft out*

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Hello gamers, I've seen some negative comments posted about CE in a few places online. I'd like to add my support for CE as a free to play game.
You can play for free and do everything in the game without spending any real money on it, there are no barriers that need to be unlocked via a payment of some kind.
If you find you have burned through your allocated fuel all you need to do is any of the free from fuel use options in the game, biggest of these is the crafting option, there are several others. while waiting for your tank to refill, I mean you do need to sleep don't you.

There is a store you can purchase items from to enhance your game in many ways but all that does is speed up your access to resources you already have access to while supporting the Devs in their efforts to expand and improve the game along with helping to pay the ever increasing monthly bills to keep the game on the web.

Not only this but the daily vote for 200 fuel is not to be sneezed at especially as it puts you into the monthly draw to win a 25 pound credit at the CE store.
There are also competitions run throughout the year in the game forums that have massive prizes including some CE store items including some of your choice so you are not lumbered with something you will never use.
Not only this but you only need to play for several months to come across one of Coops infamous fuel giveaways were every active account on the server has fuel deposited in the fuel depot for all the players to use theirs as they see fit.
One of the daily vote sites also provides a way to get another line on fuel, you can read about that in the game forums as I am not sure if posting other sites is permitted here.

I (like many) have been playing CE since 2008, I don't have much of a disposable income and even I have managed to gather some of the best store items just from playing the game and trading in game credits to get those items, so it can be done and not cost you a cent of real money.

Finally I would like to praise Coops as the most generous Dev I have ever come across on the net, he does not hunt us down to get us to buy things in fact for him it is the opposite, he hunts us down to give us things he thinks we may want. Do you think that is the action of a money hungry grub, not me.

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