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STORY: Long ago, in the distant land of Coolia, an empire from across the frozen sea had siezed control of the lands in search for an ancient relic said to be left there by Cosmic Dragons on their departure from Coolia up into the Ethereal Realm. But, the ancient empire could not locate the whereabouts of this relic of gods, and in their lust for it's power the empire fell. For aeons the relic has been lost. For aeons until today... Description: Hey, gamers, it's me, Bulge-Boy, back at it again, bringing you another masterpiece! This game takes on an extremely different style to that which was established in my previous games so expect some NEW epic things to come of this. 'Cool Kid Alarm' is a action, adventure, soulslike, story driven, boss rush, platformer set in the modern fantasy lands of Coolia. Top Reviews Coming soon...

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