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A fresh take on proven formulas, this war game simulator condenses the frantic endgame action of classic 4X campaigns into rapid bite-sized matches. Capture and defend territories in macro-scale encounters, claiming assets to strengthen your navy.

Deep rules and clear systems offer a unique, accessible, and highly dynamic experience. Truly put your skills to the test - or take it easy with flexible difficulty.

Slow the action to a crawl to master the basics, then crank it to eleven for a real challenge. Designed for extended play - but you can get a quick fix of 4X action in five minutes flat.

The result of thousands of hours of solo development, Constellation Tactics offers endless instant RTS action. Engineered to be fast, simple, and satisfying.

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Extended development has produced a challenging, unpredictable artificial opponent. Thanks to randomized traits and personalities, foes range from incompetent to indomitable.

Test yourself in dynamic - often unfair - situations. Victory is never assured, and your hard-won assets are always on the line. Optional random events can create true chaos.

Achieve naval supremacy with assets captured in battle. Specialize in key traits or diversify to handle any situation. Multiple playable factions encourage experimentation.

Created for lasting value, each session offers a fresh experience. Matches are quick and brutal - campaign progress is steady. Designed to offer instant fun & nuanced action.

Controls designed for rapid macro-management enable you to act decisively, even under duress. Effectively commanding hundreds of units becomes second nature.

Strong visual feedback communicates all essential information at a glance. Follow and manage evolving conflicts with effortless battlefield awareness.


This is my debut project, and I'm committed to delivering lovingly hand-crafted games for years to come. If you'd like to help me achieve my dream of becoming a full-time solo developer, please consider telling your friends about my work!

Visit LegacyFormat.com to learn more,

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My debut game is live on Steam Greenlight as of this morning, and I don't mind telling you I'm going a little crazy already. It's been such a long journey, working silently at my own pace: To suddenly go public and have my baby scrutinized and vetted by the gaming public is a nerve-wracking experience to say the least.

I'm not promising anything I can't deliver, so I'm confident that anyone who thinks they'll like my game ultimately will. Even so, after investing a few thousand hours in a single project, nothing could've prepared me for the exhilaration and anxiety of clicking that little green Submit button.

I'm not sure what to expect from IndieDB. To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect from anything, period. I'm operating a blog on my website (and I'm getting pulled in different directions by different sites and responsibilities), but I'm going to make an effort to keep an active presence here too.

If you dig my work, please tell a friend! You could really change my life. No joke!

Thanks for sharing your time,
-Mike J.

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Constellation Tactics Windows, Mac, Linux game

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