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Congo is a survival co-op game set in the Heart of Darkness - The jungles of the Congo. Players must work together to survive waves of light-fearing demons by gathering weapons, ammo and controlling their swarm with fixed and portable lights.

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dfgdfgdfgf says

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I found Congo to be really scary. The monsters jump out at you with no warning. I could hear them in the bushes, so i knew they were there, but i could not see them and then bam, there they were. Lucky i had an AK47 to shoot back.
Great fun, 10/10.


TheDudge says

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Congo is a a tense, thrilling and at some points scary game that keeps you on edge as you walk around the jungle at night.

Monsters lurk in the darkness that could pounce at any time, but with a flashlight on the end of you gun, you can scare them away, which is a nice touch, and adds an interesting dynamic in as you try to survive the darkness of the congo.


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