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Give the second copy to a friend and race up the 2 vs 2 leaderboards in competitive mode

Spaceships, lasers, and… chickens! What more could you ask for?

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is a creative new take on space-themed videogames that merges the deep, thoughtful gameplay of real-time strategies with the intuitive accessibility of physics-based games.

The game universe is a futuristic alternate history of the European Renaissance that combines elements from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with science fiction and an oddball sense of humor into a stylized, absurdist world that never takes itself too seriously. Conflicks can be played in a single-player campaign mode where missions are linked together by a story, as well as in multiplayer skirmishes.

Pledge your allegiance to Greater-Britain, the Celestial Empire, the Sacred Alliance or the Sublime Gate and harvest metamatter in the name of your emperor, or join the Chk’Rathii and lead the Revolution against those poultry-hoarding galactic despots!

Main Features

  • Original game mechanics based on the principle of flicking. Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Play 4 different factions with dozens of ships, each with its own unique powers!
  • Play solo and immerse yourself in an epic campaign unveiling a rich and captivating story!
  • Play with your Steam friends in free-for-all or team matches and fight in fierce conflicts in the eternal war to control metamatter!
  • Show your panache and compete against the best admirals of the galaxy in a competitive multiplayer mode complete with leaderboards!
  • Upgrade your ships’ special powers by accumulating Steam Achievements!

Stay tuned on the development of Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles by visiting our web site and our facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter @ArtificeStudio!

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New Patch Released: v1.01


Patch 1.01 has just released! We've gotten a lot of great community feedback and it's helping us improve Conflicks all the time so keep it coming. Here is a detailed overview of the main features we've added and a list of the patch notes.

The biggest feature we're adding in this patch is the "Tac-chickal" Mode. Tac-chickal Mode is a single player only feature, by hitting the Enter key (by default, you are able to rebind this key) you will be able to pause the game mid-match while still keeping camera control. Now you'll be able to scour the battlefield and plan the perfect strategy, or, if you needed some extra time to read, you can check out all the actions of your ships.

Another useful feature we're adding is a quick shortcut key to a battle happening off screen. By hitting the C key (by default, able to rebind) you will be able to center the camera on one of your ships currently under attack. If no ship is under attack, you will simply center on your flagship. Really good to keep track of multiple fronts at once.

We're also adding mouse over info pop-ups, so now when you hover over a ship or action icon you will get the name of it, and in the case of ships, you will be able to see if they are ready to be flicked, if they are an allied ship, or an enemy. This will really help out some people who like to play more zoomed out.

We've also got a lot of bug fixes, minor changes and visual improvements in the patch:

  1. Redesigns and tweaks to single player maps for missions 1-7.
  2. Memory optimization so the game runs smoother on weaker systems.
  3. A new sound for when someone new enters the multiplayer lobby.
  4. Additional background music
  5. AI optimization.
  6. Improved readability of the mission objectives with a new interface version.
  7. When a player has a bad connection or slow framerate in competitive games, they get dropped after 5 attemps to reconnect with the other players.
  8. Improved Sling-Shot visuals.
  9. New in-game in / out nebulae sounds
  10. Improvement and optimisation of the Tracktor beam sounds (All factions).
  11. Multiplayer map 7 constellation fixed.
  12. Ships particle visibility for the Sublime Gate under the garbage clusters fixed.
  13. Chk'rathi flagship visual improvement of the MetaBoost power.
  14. Impoved time dilation effects
  15. Improvements in the info window textures.
  16. In game space objects click sounds.
  17. MegaBoulder particles fixed.
  18. New explosion FX for the fireship (Sublime Gate).

This is only the first of many patches to come, so keep helping us improve Conflicks so we can have an even better game!

Thanks for playing.

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