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Conclave is an online RPG in the style of classic tabletop roleplaying campaigns. It supports both solo play and co-op parties of up to four players, who can adventure together in real time or take their turns separately whenever they have a free moment. To play the browser version or for more information, visit playconclave.com.

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Conclave has released the Vault of Arms, which allows adventurers to shop for new equipment between quests. Additionally, 10 new character portraits have been added to the game.

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Conclave has released the Vault of Arms, which allows adventurers to shop for new equipment between quests. Unlike many games, Conclave uses "Renown" as its currency, which characters receive for completing quests on behalf of the Conclave. The more Renown a character accumulates, the better the equipment that character can access from the Vault of Arms. Renown is never actually spent; rather, your Renown limits how much quality equipment you can borrow from the Vault at once. More on on 10x10 Room's ambitions with the Vault can be found in the blog.

With the Vault, players gain considerable freedom to customize their characters' capabilities. Rogues can pick equipment that specializes them for stealthy strikes, improved parrying, or better overall attack power; Runecasters can select rods that improve their fire or earth-spelling capabilities, or runestones that offer a variety of magical defenses; Vanguards can trade their mace-and-shield for heavy two-handed mauls; and so on.

The Vault can be accessed from the quest selection screen. It appears as a new icon at the city of Bastion. Players can only "shop" between quests!

In addition to the release of the Vault, 10 new character portraits have been added to the game, doubling the previous number. This means each combination of race and gender in the game has two different possible portraits to visualize it. The new portraits have been selected to maximize variety. All portrait art continues to come from celebrated fantasy artist Chris Rahn.

The Vault is only the first step in the larger introduction of equipment variety and selection into Conclave. The project plan calls for traditional "loot"-style item drops to be added as well, offering equipment unavailable from the Vault stores. Additionally, the Vault will be expanded to include new varieties of equipment.

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