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Scene of action

The red planet, a colony of people who are engaged in the extraction of minerals. Excessive activity of people on the surface of the planet has led to the fact that the local inhabitants took it as aggression (drilling rigs, turrets). Was made a large-scale attack on the colony in consequence of which many sectors are in ruins, the life support system has sounded the alarm because of the lack of resources, a system of automatic fire are disabled.

From this moment the game begins.

Players are given random roles from the list:

People: Colonist, Doctor, Engineer, Security Guard, Administrator

Monsters: normal beetle, poisonous beetle, Worm

Corporation: Operator of the space station

There are also a number of secondary roles, more about all the roles and their abilities can be found in the articles.

Each faction has its own goal:

People: fly Away, escape. In the colony there is a rescue Shuttle that you need to find and put in order.

Monsters: Not give escape no one.

Corporation: Depends on the order that the operator receives, he can help to save the colonists, and Vice versa to destroy them.

The fraction of "the people" are the biggest, but the tragedy of their situation adds that in the Shuttle for a limited number of seats. How and who will take place, depends only on the players.

The game ends when all members of the faction" people " are killed or one of them was able to fly away.

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Colonial Expansion - Escape


For the project, we will use pre-baked Global Illumination. For us this is the first experience with large scenes but we will try to get the most beautiful atmosphere graphics.

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