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Based in Hamilton, OH

Release date:
Early Access December 26 2016

Playstation 4
PlayStation Vita
Nintendo Switch
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Collapsus is an exciting new block crunching puzzle game unlike any other! Join Leon the Chameleon as you tilt, twist, turn, and flip your way though endless puzzle action! See, unlike so many other puzzle games, Collapsus isn't about "swapping" blocks, oh no! You gotta use its unique resource-management mechanic to permanently BREAK them and let them fall! Best part? You get to change how gravity works by rotating the screen! What are you waiting for?


Originally created as a prototype way back in 2005, lead designer, Jay Kidd, created an all new puzzle game for his mother. Although it didn't really go anywhere, in 2011, when thinking of new game ideas, his fiancee (and Wraith Games programmer), Kristy Iwema, decided they should revive the game.

Collapsus is inspired by classic puzzles games such as Tetris, Bejeweled, and Puzzle League. The movement of the blocks and rotation of the screen are inspired by the movement of a Rubik's Cube. The bright, colorful, flat design is taken directly from classic pop art!


  • Unique risk/reward resource-management mechanic (no more "swapping" blocks)
  • Turn your device to change gravity (all 4 directions) to really turn the game “on its head”
  • 3 Standard difficulties + 2 Unlockable difficulties; each with Gravity Rush and Time Panic variations with endless gameplay
  • 25 mind-bending Challenge Modes + 25 "Plus" Modes that add crazy new mechanics to the game
  • Zen Mode, for when you just want to sit back and relax
  • Mission Mode with 50 covert puzzle ops and 50 "Secret Missions" to amp up the challenge
  • A robust Puzzle Mode with over 300 built-in single screen puzzles to test your wits against
  • Online Puzzle Maker so you can build and share your own puzzles online with friends around the world
  • Free, unique, Daily Puzzles brought to your device every day
  • Multiplayer Battle Mode, where up to 8 players can battle it out for dominance online or locally
  • Online leaderboards for every mode, over 200 in-game Medals, and 50 unlockable costumes
  • Over 40 accessibility options for players with disabilities (including color-blind palettes, dyslexia-friendly font options, remappable controls, and more)
  • Full set of cross-platform features
  • Translations for 10 different languages
  • No Ads or Microtransactions + All DLC is free
  • Endless block-crunching action!


Collapsus 2018 PAX East Promo YouTube

Collapsus 2015 OGDE Promo YouTube

Collapsus Weekly Build 14 Gameplay - Standard/Hard Mode (June 2017) YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

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Awards & Recognition

  • "App of the Year 2015 - Top 50" SlideDB
  • "App of the Year 2016 - #4 Best Upcoming Game" SlideDB
  • "Top Pick of GDEX 2016" CLE Tech
  • "Best Overall Game of Indy PopCon 2017 - 2nd Place" Slickster Magazine
  • "Most Accessible Game of GDEX 2017" AbleGamers Charity
  • "GDC 2018's Indie Game Showdown - Finalist" The Label
  • "Best Overall Game of Indy PopCon 2018" Slickster Magazine
  • "Best Game Concept of Indy PopCon 2018" Slickster Magazine
  • "Crowd Favorite of GDEX 2018 - 2nd Place" Playvue
  • "Best Mobile Game of Gameacon 2018 - Nominee" Gameacon
  • "Fan Favorite Game of Gameacon 2018 - Nominee" Gameacon
  • "Ohayocon Indie Game Showcase 2019 Player's Choice - 3rd Place" Ohayocon
  • "Writers' Choice - PAX East 2019" Marooners' Rock
  • "MVP Award - PAX East 2019" Nintendo Dual Screens
  • "Crowd Favorite of GDEX 2019" Playvue
  • "Indie Prize USA 2019 - Finalist" Indie Prize
  • "Presented at Game Masters: The Exhibition" Game Masters
  • "Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2018 - Official Selection" Kinda Funny
  • "Magfest Indie Video Game Showcase (MIVS) 2019 - Official Selection" Magfest
  • "Smithsonian American Arts Museum (SAAM) Arcade 2019 - Official Selection" Smithsonian Institute

Selected Articles

  • "Don’t let the bright colors fool you, this game is an ass kicker."
    - Frank Lubsey, JamSonic
  • "Let me tell you, it is a complete game changer."
    - Chris Bohatka, CLE Tech
  • "Collapsus has some of the fundamental building blocks of accessibility."
    - Joseph Giampapa, Unstoppable Gamer
  • "Every time they resurrected the idea they found ways to change tweak and transform aspects of the game, ensuring it will provide an experience far different from the puzzle games currently available."
    - Ellie Punn, Orange Bison
  • "One of my favorite parts about it on mobile was that you actually take and move your mobile device as you rotate it"
    - Kathryn Nolen, Elvish Gaming
  • "Hamilton’s Wraith Games represented the only digital game at Dayton Designed. Their unique puzzle app, Collapsus, turns the genre on its head."
    - Josher Lumpkin, Dayton Daily News
  • "What is Wraith Game's Collapsus? It’s the reverse Tetris, the anti-Candy Crush, and the end all be all of puzzle games."
    - Grant McClure, GameOver GameOn
  • "Holy crud do I love Wraith Games upcoming Collapsus game. Do you like Tetris Attack meets Super Mario Galaxy? Because you should and it’s excellent. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Switch version!"
    - CobaltJustice, CobaltJustice
  • "Become A Puzzle Master In Collapsus, Coming To Switch Later This Year"
    - Ryan Craddock, Nintendo Life
  • "Collapsus was one of the best puzzle games we played earlier this year at PAX East"
    - Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover
  • "It’s a very tactile experience that may not translate so well onto video, but if you give it a try you’ll find it’s a pretty cerebral puzzle experience and it has a ridiculous number of modes and variations to keep it interesting as well."
    - Justin Nation, Nindie Spotlight
  • "Collapsus has out Tetris'd, Tetris"
    - Andreas Asimakis & Stephen Fontana, Nintendo Duel Screens
  • "This honestly should be a #1 game on mobile devices right now, but it’s not officially been released yet. [...] Hopefully, that’s sooner than later, because Collapsus was a winner in our eyes."
    - Gavin Sheehan, Bleeding Cool

Monetization Permission

Wraith Games allows for the contents of Collapsus to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Collapsus is legally & explicitly allowed by Wraith Games. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.indiedb.com/games/collapsus/presskit/all.

Early Access
Free, weekly early access web build wraithgames.itch.io/collapsus.

About Wraith Games

Wraith Games is an award-winning independent game studio (and Nintendo Licensed Developer) based in Hamilton, Ohio. We are a diverse team of talented game developers with a common passion for excellence and love of gaming. Together, we have set out to make high-quality, open source, cross-platform games for gamers of all ages and ability that make players challenge themselves, think outside of the box and most importantly: have fun! Above all else, the Wraith Games team is dedicated to maintaining a green studio, promoting games as an artform, and focusing on accessibility options for the differently abled.

More information
More information on Wraith Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Collapsus Credits

Jay Kidd
Creative Director/Game Designer

Adam Brown
Game Designer/Puzzle Designer

Mark Cahalan
Lead Programmer

Lucas Lacer

Steve Dorgan
Character Designer

Kristy Iwema
Puzzle Designer

Anthony Donnelly
Puzzle Designer

Glenn Dubois
Musician/Sound Designer

Chris Quay
Art Assistant

Griffin Voyls
Voice Actor (Leon)

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