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CodeRed: Agent Sarah's Story - Day One is a Point & Click Adventure Indie game by LivinThing Studio which is their first game on Steam. I like this game because you get to investigate, travel, interview people, take part in interrogations, maintain relationships, go out on dates and even more stuff I don't want to ruin by spoiling them. You have to make sure to keep an eye on your energy because everything you do uses it, so this adds a management system to the game. There are also multiple endings which is good, so what you do and the choices you make decides what ending you get. There is no hand holding in this game which is something I love about it. So just like the investigator, you have to figure everything out for yourself. You can restart the game again and get money by completing achievements, which you will need to do because you need a lot of money to do things in this game and money is another management system in the game, so you need to keep an eye on that too. You can redo the achievements in this game to get more money, so you always have a way to make more. This game has a lot of potential, but it still needs some updates to fix the bugs, so it's a good thing that the developer is on top of it, listens to feedback and fixes the game on the regular.

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The gameplay is based on a classic point&click model. Yet, you will definitely enjoy extensive screenplay, hand-painted graphics, sophisticated music, achievement system and some arcade game elements such as puzzles, car pursuits and our version of famous "Snake". The very first task for players will be to choose one from three available difficulty levels.

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The game will be released in English and Polish language version. Initially it will be available for Windows users and later also for those using Linux and OSX mobile platforms.

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