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Classic co-operative SNEK gamplay: Eat dots, get long, don't die.
Play together with friends both online or on the same computer.

gamemodes step2

Co-op Levels

  • Eat dots, get long, beat the level
  • Play through tonnes of levels with lots of obstacles and things getting in your way. Try not to accidentally block your friends in.

Competitive Levels

  • Eat dots, get long, kill your friends
  • Go through the games levels in a random order while trying to get in the way of each other!

Endless Classic

  • Eat dots, get long... repeat
  • Simple empty screen with no obstacles. Get as long as you can and try to beat your previous high score.

multiplayer step2


  • Just send your friends a game name & password to get playing!


  • Smush all your hands together on a keyboard!
    (Note, some keyboards do not like this unless you have a "high-end" keyboard with n-key rollover)


I want to make online + local co-op games, this is my first attempt. I aimed to make a game that you could put in front of a friend & easily start having fun without lengthy explanations. I hope I have succeeded at least somewhat, please leave a review and give us much feedback as you can, it is very much appreciated!


Non-music stuff: Jhomas
Trailer Music (teardrop): Amethyst Rockstars
Game Music: Eric Matyas

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Full Release


Co-op SNEK Online is fully out and live!

After just over 2 months in Early Access I feel pretty happy with the state of the game and how it has been received so far. With the game being out and new players finding it, I'm sure new issues will crop up, but I hope people continue to let me know of these asap so I can help as much as possible. In addition to the game going to full-release status, there were a few small build changes:
- Improved online re-connection logic
- Minor language/wording changes

What's next?
- Continued support of SNEK
- A larger simulation game, this will take quite a bit of time.
- Working on ideas for small online co-op games that I can release while the larger sim game is percolating.

Ultimately, I will continue to make online co-op games for friends! I hope you all enjoy SNEK, and thank you again!

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