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My girlfriend and I are making games for iOS over weekends. We used to work for Disney, but we didn't like the way they monetised them. So now it's up to us to prove, that you can still make original atmospheric game that will appeal to many people, without sacrifising gameplay to freemium model. So we made Cloudbreakers. We wanted to offer fair game that would cost you one buck and in exchange won't bother you with in-app purchases, notifications, begging for rating or advertisment. The gameplay is centered around solid and unique grapling mechanic, that tries to invoke visceral feeling of climbing. We aimed for physical feel in gameplay and strong atmosphere in visuals. Cloudbreakers are accessible and easy to learn, but are not afraid to put you to challenge. We are really grateful for any kind of support! So if you could give our game a chance or spread the word about our efforts, we would love you!

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