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This is a story-driven real-time casual strategy about first colonists on Mars named "Close Faraway". There are four main characters (3 astronauts and their Earth coordinator) in the game who communicate with each other and try to set up the very first Mars base of human civilization.

"Close Faraway" is a real-time casual strategy telling a story about first Mars colonists. Tech breakthrough let people set up a base on the "Red planet": you construct buildings, extract resources, expand the borders of your colony, what can be easier? Unfortunately, it only sounds easy!

Mr. Buwe Moll trained a bunch of professionals for several years and was very excited about the fact that he was the part of such a great mission. But sometimes everything goes wrong! The team of professionals couldn't make it and eventually other people who were less professional (some of them were rookie astronauts) landed on the planet.

As they were poorly trained they lost gadgeds, broke farms, threw materials away and so on...

And the coordinator isn't that excited about the whole space thing already: he can't imagine what they'll do next!..

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Summer is over, autumn is com... No, no, no! We can't say that!.. This is way too many "cold comings" these days! Autumn has come, let's take this one!
And while I'm assuring myself that I still can count seasons we continue development of our story-driven real-time strategy game Close Faraway!

Our first article here looked like this:

Ok I wanna build but I'm not sure

"Ok, I think that I want build it here and now but I'm not sure actually!" It was true. We didn't have any demo, we didn't have any trailers, just a couple of screenshots and a desire: desire to build an alpha version of the game and to make a trailer of it. We did it and we are really glad (we're definitely glad by now):


Builds of the alpha

So what the game is about? Well, I could say that Mars and a story are included but as they say: "It is better to see once than to hear hundred times":

Story is included

Can't argue with that but I think it's much better to play once than to see hundred times, so:


Experience is included

As we are making an RTS we decided not only to add a resource system (which is a common thing for strategies) but also talent trees for main characters:


Talent tree

Which is a common thing too but not always mixed.

So, the game includes building system, resource system, main characters with talents, story, stock market and a couple of other things, think I'm done (and didn't forget anything)! Oh, no, one more thing: feel free to visit our pages:



Leave comments and feedbacks which are always appreciated! Thanks for your reading!

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Close Faraway: alpha version

Close Faraway: alpha version


Close Faraway is a story-driven real-time casual strategy telling about the very first people on Mars.

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