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What Even Is CivilContract? CivilContract is a role-playing game (RPG) in CivilContract players will be able to do what ever they feel like their will be multiple jobs for each player to chose their path. Players can chose the road of the good life being a law enforcement officer to protect and serve were they will get their stranded issued general duties Holden commodore were they will be able to go out on patrol and keep the streets clean from drugs and crime. But you don't always have to take that road down the law enforcement area of life you can be a criminal with a whole open world to explore and to find ways to make money weather this means doing drugs or robbing stores or banks what ever it takes to earn that cold hard cash. preorder here at www.capitalgamingrp.stream/store/ discord: discord .gg/DTZTgxe

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Game suggestions zackyboy17 zackyboy17 - read

Sep 28 2019

Bug reports zackyboy17 zackyboy17 - read

Sep 28 2019

Bug reports zackyboy17

This thread has been


please report any bugs,issues found during the demo