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Explore an ever growing world with friends! Choose your own adventure! Become a farmer, lumberjack, or a miner. Sell all of our goods or save them and use them to craft clothing, weapons, or potions to help you on your adventure. Complete small tasks or quests for the citizens of Freeroam and earn rewards! Take down criminals, bandits, animals , or bosses throughout the world. The choice is yours, you choose and decide which path you will take!


Player customization

Char Image 7blue shirtblue jeanshead 1gray hair
Customizing your player will be simple and easy. You will be able to change almost everything on your character such as hair,eye color, shirts, pants, and shoes. All items can be obtained by completing quests , or crafting them.

Party System

The party system will allow you to go on adventures with friends and take down bosses easily. Form parties of 8 and adventure together! All experience and loot is shared so not need to worry about not getting rewarded for your hard work!


Crafting System

Crafting will be your best friend as everything you do will almost always require a little bit of crafting. Crafting better gear means being stronger or making a large some of $$ in-return. Some crafting materials will be hard to find but will be worth it in the long run!

Monthly Events

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Every now and then The City of Freeroam will have special events going on. During these times you will be able to take special quests and participate in different activates to earn special items that can only be obtained by participating in events!

Trading System

gf f cb alert

After crafting all of your amazing gear up might find yourself needing a little bit of $$. You will have the ability to trade with any player, anywhere you would like. There will also be a designated market place inside the city for traders to gather!

Pet System


Who said you had to start your journey alone? Pets can be found, bought, or earned from completing quests or purchased in a shop. You will have the ability to swap out pets are anytime as well as level up your pet. The higher the level the stronger your pet will be. Yes your pets can die but for a small fee they can be revived and by your side again! (By small fee I mean taking them to the Pet Guru and having them healed!)

Gathering System

blueberry bushgf farming tomato 5gf farming onion 5

If your interested in crafting then gathering will be your best friend! Choose from Tomato's, Turnips, Apple Trees, Orange Trees, Blueberry bushes, Strawberry bushes, etc! Use your harvest to create different types of meals, or just eat them! Gathering is simple and easy, find what you want to gather , collect it, use it how you wish.

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Char Image 7​​What's Next

Right now my main focus is going to be populating the main island with different things do to. While knocking out any bugs that may pop up along the way. I decided to do this devlog a bit different and break down the updates into different sections so it would be less confusing. Also devlogs will be released every 3-4 weeks now, this is just so I can have more content to show.

  • Add several quests to the Atlas Island
  • Added breakable objects to the Atlas Island
  • Added new areas/shops to Atlas Island (Bank, General Store, Armor Store, Weapons Store)
  • Add different crafting recipes
  • Bug fixes

Char Image 4​​New Additions

Atlas Island

  • Setup mining, gathering , and woodcutting, balanced leveling out and adjusted sell prices

New Areas

  • New Caves - 5 new caves have been added to the Atlas Island


  • Adjusted fishing catch rate for certain fish to make them harder to catch

​​​​gf mantaraygf seaweedgf tilapia


  • Added 4 different types of trees, (Oak , English Oak, Blackjack Oak, and Coconut Trees)
  • Adjusted layering on trees so they display correctly when the player walks in front or behind them


  • Added 4 different types of berries, (Blue,Red,Yellow, and Purple)


  • Mining Additions: Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Emerald, Gold, Diamond
  • Mining Ores have a different qualities (Poor, Good, Excellent), Poor being the easiest to get and excellent being the hardest to get.


Tutorial Island

  • Updated all trees, fishing spots, bushes and rocks.
  • Updated both caves (new design)
  • Added crafting table (you can craft items here)


  • Removed submenu
  • Removed several buttons from bottom bar
  • Updated options menu (allows you to toggle chat and mini map on/off)
  • Added professions button inside of Character Info

Other Updates

  • Added exploration rewards when exploring new areas.
  • Player level now displays under name
  • Certain shops will only sell items instead of buying and selling. (Before all shops bought and sold items)
  • Crafting must be done from a crafting table now.
  • Discord Presence now displays more stats ( Login screen, Character Selection , Player Level, and what area the player is in)
  • Skills points can now only be gained from leveling up
  • Interiors now display day/night transition

Char Image 1Bug Fixes

  • Fixed health bar position (was slightly off)
  • Fixed raining inside of mines and other interiors
  • Fixed info box overflowing (still needs more testing)
  • Fixed layering issues with certain objects (Notice board, bushes, trees)
  • Fixed tile errors on tutorial island and atlas island
  • Fixed inventory cutting off item images on 4th column

Screenshots - Below you can see some photos of the tutorial island changes and the main island changes.

Mining & Caves

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 3 1

Screenshot 4 1

Tutorial Island Caves

​​Screenshot 8 1

Screenshot 9 1


Screenshot 6 1

Screenshot 7 1

Social Media & More

discord mainDiscord - Discord.gg

instagramInstagram - Instagram.com

twitterTwitter - Twitter.com

itchItch.Io - Troublesum.itch.io

Pre-Alpha Devlog 22 - Updates & Changes

Pre-Alpha Devlog 22 - Updates & Changes


This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

What's next for freeroam & Devlog 18

What's next for freeroam & Devlog 18


This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

Pre-Alpha Devlog 17 - Tutorial Island Pt.4

Pre-Alpha Devlog 17 - Tutorial Island Pt.4


This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

Pre-Alpha Devlog 16 - Tutorial Island Pt.3

Pre-Alpha Devlog 16 - Tutorial Island Pt.3


This weeks devlog contains some new additions to Freeroam and also some bug fixes.

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