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This game about the stupid girl-thief. She stole the Golden egg from the angry dragon! DASH as fast as you can! AVOID numerous traps! More than 20 unique traps turn you into mincemeat if you won't get to choose the right place to put your foot! The evil dragon will eat you if you stand! Gorgeous pin-up style graphics from the nominees of the French animated film festival Cool sound from the Symphony Orchestra

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Endless Levels Gameplay:
An Endless Level consists of an infinite sequence of Obstacles.
To pass each Obstacle, you need to press the correct combination (L, R, LR).
For passing the Obstacles, the player receives the Reward Points.
The player loses if he either presses the wrong button or runs too slowly.

Journey Map Gameplay:
The Journey Map is divided into successively connected Worlds with different themes/graphics and a set of Obstacles.
Every World is a unique Endless Level.
To open a new World, you need to open all Obstacles in the current World.