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Chiakico is running on the -MRP- engine it is a old style game given a new twist of life.

Chiakico includes Singleplayer with a storyline campaign and a Multiplayer option allowing you to verse players online.

Amazing Detailed Effects

5 abilities which can turn the tide of the game.

- Lightning :Shocks the fireball cuassing it to switch its direction.
- Vain pop :The enemies screen starts to fade black and bloody.
- Living dead :Hands pop up from the ground and slow the fireball down
- Explode :Cuasses the fireball to explode reseting the game with no change to score board
- Ice :Makes the players board slide increasing speed but reducing stopping speed.

Creepy Ambience

Chiakico gives a spooky feeling to the player, But unlike most Thriller games Chiakico is more in the catorgory of Insane. The game is based around a mental teenage boy from the year 1975, that believes in his unique version of God, which he names Chiakico a half chicken half crab girl.

The aim of Chiakico is to create a real creepy disturbing feeling when playing the game.

But the game isent all just creepy it very polished effects specificly for the games design creates a interesting game that is not only fun while playing the campaign but is even more fun on Multiplayer.

The idea to make Chiakico came from giving a old dog new tricks which means giving the game a new interesting feeling for the general public of today which includes a unique diverse storyline and short cinimatic scenes.

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Chiakico Update #1

Hello everyone I know it's been a while since Chiakico has been updated, this is because the whole MRP team has been working on Dragon ball Tactics since it now has a new engine if you're really interested in Chiakico don't fear because we will hopefully start development within a month.

If anyone can do any form of Art or Concept Art we could continue Chiakico's development we possibly might change Chiakico to be done on the Current Dragon ball Tactics engine, since the engine is allot more powerful and easier to work with.

Chiakico still has the same background ideas as mentioned on the top of the Mod db page, We aim to create a Diablo type feeling when approaching Spells there will still be multiplayer 1 on 1 matches, Chiakico is still made to push detail effects and quality to its limits.

Majority of the Spells are still the same with some extras added some of the new spells are.

Touch of Death - Spreads death and decay over your side causing the ball to slow down

Lightning Chain - Sends out multiple linked lightning bolts to shock the enemies board and ball causing the ball to multiply its speed over 10 second duration, Enemies board is drained by 5 mana over the 10second duration

Grasp of Death - The hands of the dead reach up from the ground grabbing and holding onto anything that they can reach includes boards, the ball causses the hands to break and burst when it comes in contact

Soon we can hopefully show you some more game play pictures thank you for your time,
Sincerely MRP

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Slevo - - 555 comments

Hey guys I'm sorry i have been busy with allot of stuff and haven't been able to work on Chiakico i hope to inform you all of a update soon i have been working allot on a new Website which will be on the net soon all news and downloads will be posted there frequently :)

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najeebshah - - 407 comments

nice ben , i see major improvments

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Cremat0r - - 6,885 comments

Released July 10, 2010.
I don't see a download, nice jk..
No seriously, are you going to release it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slevo - - 555 comments

Yes the download was released on the 10th and its only the demo of the full version.. I was waiting for an OK from a friend but this is only the demo it shld be fine..

Like the beta demo i guess lol
includes 4 levels
3 abilities
working menu etc


its 54mb or something we tried to keep it as minumum size as we cld hope you enjoy please give feedback :)

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TheArcpendilum - - 161 comments

hey DX !
Your project can go to full release this week.
but PM me for more info.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
najeebshah - - 407 comments

how can he pm u when ur profile is at "friends only"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Slevo - - 555 comments

please give feedback anything u would like to see. we plan to polish up the abilities to be somewhat simulaur to Diablo games etc :)

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Slevo - - 555 comments

yeah i was working on it a bit secretly :) its coming out on Xbox arcade also

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Nabako - - 79 comments

i didnt know that -MRP- was making this game but still im helping with DBT :)

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najeebshah - - 407 comments

There is 2 more days left

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