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Greetings everyone!

I'm here to present to you a charming little twitch/puzzle game I like to call Checkout: Journey to Employee of the Month.

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The goal is Checkout is pretty simple: You play as a bagger at your local super market. As customers stream down the checkout line, it's your job to ring them up as fast as possible without breaking their goods. Goods must be placed in weight order in order to avoid damaging goods. Break a good, you get a strike. Too many strikes at the wrong time, you're sent home and your shift is over. However, if you keep the customers happy, you make your boss happy! Keep expectations high and you just might end up as Employee of the Month!

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Story Mode:
The story is fun and silly and used to push the gameplay. There are 20 stages, and each of them can be played at any time (when unlocked). The difficulty is broad, ranging from incredibly easy to overwhelmingly difficult.

Compete head to head against a friend to see who's the better bagger!


At every 6th stage in the game, there's is a competition where the player must compete against the game's AI to be the first to bag groceries. While some baggers are better than others, There's always a chance of the weaker bagger coming out on top.

As the game progresses, the player will have access to select employee perks while playing. Once unlocked, these abilities will allow the player to quickly bag groceries, instantly satisfy a customer or slow down time, for more acute focus while bagging.

Pudding Customization:

Puddings are the game's characters. Give your pudding a name and a skin tone and an outfit. Like many customization systems, your options are limited, but as you progress, new options are unlocked and enabled. There are also several fun options for players to choose from with cheats.


Currently, there are 24 achievements to earn in the game, based off the various tasks present in the game. Some are easy to attain, while some are much harder (like getting a combo of 100).

Checkout features cheats; All cheats are entered through the PUDDING NAME menu at the start of a new game. You CANNOT enable cheats if you have an active profile.

Player Content/Modding: Players are able to create custom skin colors, outfits, accessories and aprons. A "Checkout/Mods" folder will always be available in my documents, supplied by the game itself, allowing players to add their own content. Registry entries are also freely editable, for advanced players.

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If you don't mind, please vote to get Checkout on Steam, through Greenlight! I've put a lot of time into this and it was, and shall continue to be, a labor of love! My only hope is that all of you will give me the opportunity to share it with the world. Please, vote! :D

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