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You were just a ordinary factory worker. You might of had a chance to get promoted soon, but then the coup happened. It was out of no where. a race of dopplegangers, we call them Changelings, released an airborn poison. It either kills you or drives you mad. They took over the world's leading countries in a single year. It's 1935, and today's the day we fight back!

Changelings is a steampunk themed FPS based loosely around London in 1935. The country is in disarray and the person holding the reins is a mad Changeling who insists on rooting us out. We are hard to find, and fighting a Guerrilla war on the streets of London, our home, we hold the advantage. But will it be enough...

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Introducing "Changelings"


Finally, we talked with the rest of the team, and we're all in agreement. We think Changelings is to a point where we can show it off a bit. So we put up the Changelings game page here on Indiedb. There you'll find some of our concept art and models, We'll be posting some video real soon too.

Changelings Logo

Go ahead and take a look at our page, tell us what you think, leave us a comment, and we'll keep everyone updated as the game progresses.

And check out our developer group too pH 1 Studios.

pH 1 Studios Logo

-Devin McCamey
Lead Designer/Unity Programmer
pH 1 Studios

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DevinBM Creator
DevinBM - - 3 comments

Changelings. With an "e"

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Piciek - - 50 comments

So is it Changelings or Changlings (logo mistake?).

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