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The megaphones from the ceiling communicated with a cool as earths surface womans voice: Welcome to the Kraków's atomic Vault number thirteen. You have been qualified as an intruder. The full lock-up procedure has been commenced. Air reserves will suffice for up to twenty hours. Reserves of clean water have been exhausted. If you are a lawful resident of the Vault, enter the access code in the central computer. Have a nice day. If I wasn't a bit saddened by the fact of my imminent suffocation, I would lose my cell of the battery because of the bloody communicate repeated every ten minutes. My holophone was dead - with shatterd screen it wasn't as lucky as me when we gatecrashed our way to the party here - I was alone. Fuck, fucking shitheaded shit. Twenty hours till I breath carbon dioxide. I had to get out of here...

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