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A nonlinear, story-driven game about corporate control. The Glazial Group is looking for a new CEO. We are currently developing the CEO Test to preselect potential candidates. This CEO Test will be

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CEO Test is a story-driven, nonlinear game about corporate control: Glazial.com

You play the role of a newly elected CEO, leading the Glazial Group through a series of mergers and hostile takeovers. Control the conglomerate using the Gesicht software, which constantly tests and evaluates your decisions.

MANAGE THE COMPANY: Acquire unique companies, start strange projects, hire (or, more amusingly, fire) hundreds of employees.

MANAGE YOURSELF: Play with your emotions and defend your sanity as you negotiate through too many business meetings.

GROW THE CONGLOMERATE: Expand your corporate empire into the weakened European market.


You constantly improve yourself and everything that belongs to you.
Others believe in gods, or science. But to you, there is only the invisible hand of the market.
You see life as primarily powered by global money currents.
If yes, we have just the right job for you.
The Glazial Group is currently looking for a new CEO.
This is where you will sit and control the conglomerate.
And this is me. The software you will be using. Hi.
This new software allows you to control our company. And yourself. Like in a video game.
Inconveniently, actual human resources are still required to do the work.
For example, we need office drones to prepare our next hostile takeover or workers to construct new floors and facilities in our subsidiaries.
But as CEO, we expect you to also manage yourself.
Because every action, substance, or thing you say has an impact on your emotional life which this software constantly tests and evaluates.
In short, you are to capitalize everything - your emotions, your knowledge, your managers, your employees, even your nation -
to build a transnational conglomerate empire.
But even being CEO for the Glazial Group is just a job.
So wait for the release of our CEO TEST
and play the game to apply.

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