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Celestial Hearts is a jRPG featuring the love story of a heartbroken young elf and an angel seeking her life's purpose.

  • Active Time Battle (ATB) side-view combat with a party of five heroes
  • Four difficulties, including Story Mode for casual players and Heroic for RPG veterans
  • 2D graphics with beautiful in-game scene illustrations
  • Game length: ~12-14 hours

Deep within the continent of Belume lies Livia, a small village of nymphs and fairies. Kayah, a young elf and guardian of Livia, is slowly recovering from the loss of her partner. One fateful night, the village is raided by the Graveharts, an ultra-rich and powerful family that all but owns Belume.

Kayah, her friend Sylvie, and the nymphs wake up in an underground prison. During their escape, they find a winged woman chained up and passed out. After escaping and nursing the angel back to health, they learn that her name is Helen--and little else besides that she is aware of a purpose she cannot remember.

Kayah, feeling drawn to Helen, vows to keep her safe as they flee from the Graveharts. But the two, alongside their friends Sylvie, Gail and Matthias, know that they can't run forever...

What is Helen's purpose, and how is it connected to the Gravehart family? And more importantly, what is this indescribable feeling between Helen and the elf who has sworn to protect her?

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Header Capsule

Hello everyone! I go by Joshua Keith, and I'm the developer of Knight Bewitched, a turn-based jRPG with many fans in the yuri community.

I'm making this post to promote the crowdfunding campaign for my next yuri jRPG, Celestial Hearts!

My funding goal is $1200, the majority of which will go toward funding in-game art illustrations (such as the rough sketch seen in the preview image for this post!)

If you're a yurifan (or just enjoy playing high-quality indie jRPGs!), many of my backer reward tiers are geared toward receiving in-game credit and Steam keys. You can contribute $8 to receive a product key at launch, or if you contribute $10 before the limit is reached, receive a pre-release key 2 weeks before launch!

Those who back at $25 will receive an in-game statue with their name on it commemorating their contribution.

If you're interested in learning more about Celestial Hearts, you can check out the game on its Steam page or right here on IndieDB!

Thank you all, and stay safe!

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