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Welcome To Castle Agony

Welcome to Agony. Inspired by the Resident Evil of old, the golden age of NES gaming and the Castlevania series, you play a local hero with a dog! Forced by your village to enter the crumbling castle filled with trickery, magic and monsters! Can you defeat The Vampire and live to see another dawn?

    * Sprawling castle and grounds to explore, filled with loot and monsters!
    * Learn the hidden history of the castle and make friends with unlikely allies.
    * Original art flooded with character and personality, with enemies too cute to kill.
    * Beautiful NES style soundtrack by Vesager"
    * Turn-based, Action point combat system: Choose to make Aim or Snap shots.
    * Craft potions of various types: make Molotovs and Holy Water bombs to use in combat!
    * Switch to your brave companion, Harry the dog. Sniff out secret areas and find secret loot stashes and XP!
    * Did I mention you can play as a dog?
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Castle Agony Released


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Agony Store Page

I am pleased to announce that Castle Agony is now live on Steam and available for purchase. This quaint tug at nostalgia puts the player in a dark castle where he must find and destroy the Dark Lord Vampire.

A point'and click adventure with turn-based combat, crafting and puzzles and a colourful story.

I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased and supported the game. I plan to make a number of small updates and address any bugs as they're discovered.

Currently in development is a DLC chapter that will be free in the next month or two. This will have a number of new features, from: new enemies, a new weapon or two and of course, new characters and environments to explore.

This addition will be a standalone game set during a different period following a different hero. Once the DLC is ready I will make an announcement and the button to launch it will magically appear on the main menu. More information about the DLC is coming!

Again, Thank you so much for purchasing the game and supporting it in the future!

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