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Welcome to Buildlife. This MMO is unlike any other before it. Inspired by the likes of Sims, Runescape and yes...even Minecraft. But before you dismiss this as some cheap Minecraft imitation, take a look at the current trailer video. Originally shot as a joke, this trailer actually describes what the game is fairly accurately. Sit back and enjoy my masterpiece trailer :P. After that look at some screens and read the developer blog to get a deeper feel for the game. Hope to see you soon!

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Buildlife is almost ready for a pre-alpha test. This will give me an idea of what you guys want the game to be and to find any hidden bugs I couldn't find on my own. Some things i need to clear up first. Currently, i do not have the funding to run my own dedicated server so the game will only be playable when the server is up. If it is up, it will be between 3pm and 10pm GMT. Next, your data will probably not be saved. Yes, I do have a registration and save feature implemented but it will be quite hard to update old saves to run on newer builds. Sadly, the ownership system is not fully set-up. This means that your land is yours only and your friends can't enter. Also, the prices may seem really steep as there is currently no way to receive more money. Lastly, people may vandalise the area by spamming the cheapest object. While this is unavoidable, it will at least be slightly more monitored in newer builds with plots being the only place to build. Having said all that, the game is nearly ready and you should look forward to some more videos and images of my progress as well as that download link.

Introduction of Buildlife

Introduction of Buildlife


Hey guys, welcome to my first post about the game I'm making. I call it Buildlife and it will have many features such as house building, survival, an...


I loved this game!!!

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