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Brrrainz is a 2D action zombie game with a twist. Set in the 60s and 70s. Brrrainz takes the classic zombie genre and looks at it from a new perspective. Brrrainz is the story of the shambling dead, not the rugged survivor. Lead your undead army on a campaign to bring misery and destruction to small towns and cities alike. Every enemy you defeat has a chance to be turned into an undead ally. The larger your horde, the more havoc you can wreak.

brrrainz shot 03

Traversing Middle America you will have to manage the many characters that make up your horde. Hungry zombies are slow zombies. Ensure that your zombies are well fed so that they always have the energy to fight. Along the way you will encounter unique Freaks - zombies that retain special skills from their former lives. Use them to give your undead friends a fighting chance against the crafty living


Inspired by decades of zombie movies and games, Brrrainz aims to bring you a new take on the “Zombie Game”. Featuring a unique control system, colorful characters, and light hearted humor. Brrrainz blends action and strategy together with fun art style that any gamer can enjoy.

H Gamplay

Key Features

  • A Zombie Game From The Zombie’s Perspective: Finally a game that focuses on the real hero of the genre, The Zombie!
  • The Joys Of Destruction: See how much chaos you can cause and get rewarded for it!
  • The Needs Of The Many... : Gameplay that focuses on a Horde of zombies rather than an individual. Tear through levels as a group or give zombies commands to take down your enemies.
  • You Guys Are Just Freaks!: Collect zombies with special attacks that give your horde new ways to fight.
  • Unique Control System: A simple mix of action and strategy.
  • Even The Undead Can Evolve: Collect DNA points along your journey and upgrade your army of undead.
  • This Game Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us: 10 unique bosses inspired by famous zombie hunters and pop culture icons.
  • Oh The Good Old Days: Featuring a fun art style and setting loosely inspired by the 60s and 70s.


Brrrainz features gameplay that blends action with a little bit of strategy. Players control a horde of zombies tearing through levels causing as much destruction as possible. Zombies can charge enemies head on or be given individual orders for a more tactical approach.

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Zombies can be used to destroy barricades exposing enemies hidden behind or attack environmental hazards like explosive barrels.While feeding on enemies they have a chance to turn their foes into zombies.Since zombies shamble slowly,enemies have a clear advantage over your horde. Gathering large numbers of zombies is the key to victory.

brrrainz shot 03 1

After defeating an enemy your zombies will begin to consume their prey. Defending your undead allies while they are feeding is a top priority. If zombies go to long with out eating they will start to lag behind your horde and eventually die.

brrrainz shot 04

While devouring dying enemies your zombies will gain DNA Points which can be used to "devolve". At the start of the game zombies are weak and slow. As you collect DNA points you will be able to upgrade the speed, damage, health, and the maximum number of zombies you can hold in your horde. Each Freak also has their own unique upgrade path that make them more deadly.

H Setting

Brrrainz takes place in a world loosely based on the American 60s and 70s. The game starts with a zombie waking up in the dark woods. Shortly after being turned he goes out in search of his wife. Finding her wondering aimlessly; he is pleased to see that she has also been turned. They join forces and begin to tear up the farmlands meeting other undead friends along the way and turning the fearful humans into zombies.


Starting in the quiet woods of America, lead your horde through sleepy small towns, rustic country sides, and industrial locations. Then lay waste to the glamorous Possum city. Visit Iconic locations like Pinfest, a large music festival featuring some of the greatest artist of Rock&Roll. Take a trip to Cape Caravel and witness the historical moon launch.

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H Charaters

brrrainz characters



enem Policeman

The basic enemies in Brrrainz include everyone from simple farmers, businessmen, hippies, and hardened soldiers. Some enemies run in fear at the sight of zombies, while others will chase your zombies down with a blind rage and yet some will attack with calculation and deliberation.

elvis k



"Freaks" are zombies who were so powerful in their previous lives that they are able to carry over their skills and abilities into the afterlife, making them a force to be reckoned with and a formidable addition to the horde. A word of caution, however: "Freaks" are rare and should be used wisely.

zomb Gluttonl

"The Glutton" is a former fry cook who would stuff his face when the boss wasn't looking. When he was turned into a zombie, he had a belly full of fried foods which he uses as a weapon for his attacks. "The Glutton" can vomit in a long line in front of him, slowing down enemies while increasing zombie movement speed

Bar bar K2

prospector explosion 2

"The Jester", a former circus clown who was fired due to his excessive freakiness. His costume, scary makeup and creepy smile scared off children and adults alike. Needles to say, his performance was not the most popular at the circus. It's safe to say that "The Jester" has finally found himself as a zombie, striking fear with all who see him and with a finishing act that is literally explosive... KABOOM!


brrrainz shot 01


"The Exterminator" is a secret government project being tested at Camp Lagarto. He is a truly sinister soldier with an unhealthy obsession with fire. "The Exterminator" uses his back mounted flame-thrower to set your zombies ablaze. If not dealt with, the fire will spread to the rest of your horde!



The Sheriff is an uptight one to say the least. No nonsense, straight shooting and a pain in the carcass. Bored with the lack of events in his small town, it will take a zombie outbreak to put on his sheriff hat, rally the town folks and fire his set of magnums while saying "This town ain't big enough for all of us!"

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