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The Game will Include:
- A Sprawling Interconnected World with many Tools that open New Paths and Shortcuts.
- Bullet Hell Sections when Traversing between Sectors of the World
- Solving Puzzles to unlock Enemy Systems, Engineering Bays and Many Other Rewards
- Massive Bosses that require reflexes and thoughtfulness to overcome
- Wield an instrument of destruction with 4 ammo and twenty different settings to mix and match resulting in the weapon you want or the one didn't know you needed.
- Save your five favorite weapon settings and load them on the fly.
- Customize your Mech with Parts you take from Foes and the Environment

It will also feature:

- Challenging, not Punishing: Broken will be tough, but consistent, the rules will not fluctuate. We will telegraph threats, make check points frequent and we will keep the difficulty curve smooth, steep, but smooth.

- Sound Survival: What you hear can tell you more then your eyes. What did you just hit with that shot, did your ammo type damage it, in time you can tell blindfolded.

- Money or your Life: The Armor that keeps you alive is made up of the very resources you need to build and upgrade new tech. One big hit can can leave you defenseless and broke.

- The Toll of Power: Will you walk into hell with what you can scrape together out of refuse and hope? What would you give up to get home, how much of your soul are you prepared to sacrifice?

- Attain, Analyze, Adapt: Everything you Scan can be studied in your Codex Computer. Knowing more about threats and the world can be the difference between being eaten alive and lasting another hour on this hostile uncharted world.

- The Rails Diverge: This journey always begins the same way, but what rout you take, which area you tackle first and how you interact with others is up to you. Ultimately what you do doesn't just change the ending, but what, where and when the endgame is.

- Threats from Without and Within: Getting out in one piece is implausible at best, but not all that stalks you would take your life. It want's something more and it just might be worth considering it's offer.

The Nos:
- No Unity Assets
- No Unity.
- No 3D Graphics
- No Rendered 3D Models Flattened into 2D
- No 21/2D Shenanigans
- No Micro Transactions
- No Season Passes
- No Pay to Win of Any Kind

Just a Original 2D Game, as described, for the Price on the Tin

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Having just completed an complete art overall, added full controller support and several adjustments and fixes. So I though it might be worthwhile to record some new footage to showcase the updated game. The Armored Crust section can be viewed here:

And the second containing footage of the Ash Wastes and Tunnels is here:

You can try he Demo for yourself here or play the latest version and meet the Creator at
BrassCity ComicCon on April 30th from 10 AM to 6PM

Naugatuck Valley Community College
750 Chase Pkwy, Waterbury, Connecticut 06708

Hope to see you there!

Help Broken Get on Steam Greenlight

Help Broken Get on Steam Greenlight


After a fair bit of work Broken has sound quality design, a working Demo, a Trailer and now we're on Steam Greenlight! Please help us Get Broken to the...

First Trailer

First Trailer

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The First Trailer for the game is up containing a lot of content from the demo.

Broken Demo V 0.993 Live

Broken Demo V 0.993 Live


There are several small twerks and adjustments, but the big news is that a composer has been chosen and the music is active.

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Broken v1.1 Demo

Broken v1.1 Demo


The current Demo of Broken, still make improvements but it is a complete Demo.-

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