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Place bricks throughout a level to reach the end. use many different types of bricks with different special effects. Each brick costs money, if you run out of money its game over! if you fall off the edge or hit an enemy you restart the level from the beginning (unless you place a respawn brick) and you lose some money. all the bricks you have placed remain when you die.

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Brick types


Hi everyone,
Here's a list of some of the different brick types of bricks in this game

Normal - The original type, this does nothing special
Bouncy - These useful bricks bounce you high into the air
Elevator - These Bricks travel form side to side, useful for getting over long gaps
Extra Strong - Extra Strong bricks have the power to block enemies
Crumbly - Although they crumble after 2 seconds of standing on them, these bricks are handy with defeating bosses and they're cheap :-)
Bomb - Bombs go boom and kill enemies/destroy blocks in its radius
Nuke - Completely useless but for killing yourself with 8D
Respawn - Handy for long levels, these bricks automatically transport you to back to that point when you die

Thats all for now. If you have any ideas just comment =)

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Brickman test

Brickman test


This is a test before the full game. this only includes the first 5 levels Controls: Left/right - Walk¦ Up - Jump¦ Space - Place normal brick (costs...

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