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Experience a new ENHANCED visualization of Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (originally released in 1865). View and listen to the full UNALTERED story that has been discussed by scholars for generations. Discover unique and original characters in the amazing world of Wonderland. Wonderful thrills for your heart and mind await in this timeless tale.

Brave Rock Games is an independent organization that makes interactive software for young audiences. Our current goal is to bring classic stories to digital platforms. We believe reading is fundamentally important to any child's growth. Some children dislike reading due to lack of visuals. We are bringing visual story tales to these children. We have learned that disabled gamers, also enjoy our software due to simplicity of the controls and production value. Lastly, many adults have approached us to give thanks for creating an application they can enjoy with their child.

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What Is a Visual Novel?

I will be completely honest. When approached to check out Alice in Wonderland, a visual novel, I wondered too. I knew what they were, but on Wii U? I wasn’t sure what to expect on a console. What I found was a great way to bring books to people in a whole new platform. It was exactly what you would expect, a book given graphics to tell the story.

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