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What is Brawl Legacy?
Brawl Legacy is a platform fighting role playing game.

What Engine is being used for development?
The project is being made with Unity 5.

How long has the project been in development?
The project have been in development since the beginning of June 2015.

What is it about?
You create a character from a selection of races and classes which will affect your fighting base stats and attacks, then you fight against opponents on a level that will move around like if it was on rails. The game is being played on 2 axis (Horizontal and Vertical), but the visuals and background offer the full 3D view.

Is there leveling?
No. The game won’t include any kind of leveling. Your character is already a full-trained master of his art and you, players in controls, are the one who actually gets better with each fight. This game will offers both tactical choices and high-skill based gameplay.

Is there an inventory?
Yes. Whenever you defeat an opponent (NPC or Players), there’s a 1% chance to get an item dropped. The item is randomly generated from an huge pool of possible types, kinds, qualities and stats. To make sure players actually gets a drop in an acceptable amount of fight even if he’s unlucky, whenever a defeated opponent doesn’t drop an item, the previously said 1% is added onto every previous 1% until an item is dropped which then restart the counter to the base 1%.
So the absolute max amount of required opponent to be defeated to gain an item is 100, but it’s possible to get one even with beating only 1 opponent.

The possible items are :
• One of the possible armors types : Helmet, shoulder, chest, glove, leggings and boots as well as one accessory. Every armor can give bonus (+1 to +3) in 1 stat (or an extremely rare chance for +1 in all stats) and can be made in various materials like leather, steel, iron, etc.
• One of the possible weapons types : Sword, Mace, Staff, Bow, Dagger, Book and Rune.
(Axes are included in the sword type, spears are included in the Staff type, etc.) Like for the armor, weapons can also gives stats bonus.
• One of many possible consumables which can restore Health, Mana, give protections or boost stats for an amount of time or even adding an additional life. On each fight, a player can bring in up to 4 consumables and those can only be used once.

How can we get stronger?
The game is built around the idea that you can change your character’s race and class whenever you want and keep your items during the transition. The player will have to choose his role based on either his/her skills/wish or whatever drops he/she might get. There are no item restrictions so for example a warrior can fight with a book as his weapon as would a mage, but his stats will make things more difficult unless he’s wearing the right set of armors so that his Intelligence can raise to an acceptable level. It’s the same with the mage using a sword or a rogue using a staff or a mace.

What kind of multiplayer will be available?
• For now, we’re working on adding local multiplayer with up to 4 players, but can have up to 8 total opponents on a match. (so even with 4 players, you can have 4 NPCs as well)
• If we succeed in our upcoming Kickstarter funding campaign, we will also add an online multiplayer for up to 8 players yet will still allow the 4 players. (So, for example, 2 PC could play a full game together.)
• Currently, there’s a restriction on players #2 to #4 as they can’t create their own character, but instead choose a preset character. This will be changed if the Kickstarter will be successful as it will means we will need to redo some of the data management system and menus.

What gamemode will be available?
• If the kickstarter campaign only reach the minimum or not even the minimum :
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
• If it reaches a certain amount (to be determined) :
Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Survival (with small NPCs and unique bosses),

What about the controls?
The game fully support any 360 controllers for now and the choice between a keyboard or the controller for the first player. The controls are similar to the game Super Smash Bros back on the Nintendo 64 : block button, grab button, jump button, 2x directional based button attacks, etc. We do plan to add more to it later, but we’re starting with what we think as a great base.

When is it planned to be released?
It all depend on the Kickstarter campaign. We plan to hire as many developers to fortify the team as we can. More doesn’t mean faster development, but still means better quality and results in less time. Ideally, we plan to release the game in a Beta release by the end of 2016 and release the game officially in mid-2017.

Why is it classified as Free-To-Play?
We plan to release the initial version of the game for free. Then we will add more content like races, classes, maps and items as time goes. The additional races will be sold as DLCs as well as the additional classes. The maps and items will always be free for the players. Players who pay for the additional races and classes of their choice will be able to play with those who don't, hence why we add the maps and items update for free. We plan to release at least 1 map per race and items related to those race. As for the classes, they will be extending the gameplay's style further.

As planned for now :
• Initially, we plan to release the Humans, Elves and Dwarves for free.
• The free classes will be : Fighter, Mage, Rogue and Priest
• Then, will come the Orcs, Undeads and lezardman races as DLC.
• Additionnal classes will be : Monk, Summoner and Alchemist

Prices are subject to change, but we think about selling those for 5$US each individually and selling bundles.

What platform will it be available on?
• On all computers' OS (Windows, Apple's OS and Linux).
If this game gets crowdfunded and greenlighted on Steam (once it's ready for it), we plan to discuss with Steam the possibility of trading items through the Steam inventory system. It might be impossible, but that's something we keep in reserve.

• Depending on how things goes, we also look up to release it on 7th and 8th generations TV based consoles. Maybe some of the handheld consoles as well. Though those are for later due to the adjustment required to fit each controls and Shaders' setups.

• Though it's quite not for now, there might be even a Facebook version as well!

What’s the current team?
Currently, the team is made of :
• Maxime Bolduc (alias : Donoghu) : He have been working as a freelance designer for the last 6 years and took classes in 3D in 2013-2014. His lack of official experience made him unable to find a job in any game development studio in his reach so he decided to start working on his own project and that’s how the Brawl Legacy project was born. His skill in programming are average so it explain why many features requires some funding (Kickstarter), but visually he can do anything.

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Do you know the feeling which comes around whenever you think you can accomplish something yet there's this tiny little doubt in your mind? To be honest, I had such feeling about being able to implement a 4 players' local controls within the project.

The first reason is that, in computer games, we know only an handful that actually support 2 local players and most of the time, one is forced to play with a keyboard and one with a controller... or both on the same keyboard. It's impracticable in every sense of it. Before, it was mostly due to the size of the PC's screens, but now that we can hook up our PCs directly on 50" TVs with a simple HDMI cable, that reason is obsolete.

That's why our current lone developer (Maxime) tried his best at allowing up to 4 players in the game locally alike to what you find on consoles and he succeeded! The game fully recognize up to 4 controller or 3 controllers + a keyboard during matches!


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