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Most of the Earth's landmass is now submerged under the ocean, the corals and life appears to be in great abundance, life appears to have found a way to adapt to the dramatic changes to the Earth, or have they really?

The World

The game will be feature rich with different ecosystems - great coral reefs, post apocalyptic underwater cities, ancient ruins, volcanoes, caves, sunken ships, etc. In all directions there's a potential threat ready to kill you, if it's not that Shark it's the building that collapses from an Earthquake, or a cave that falls apart, or a coral that gives you a toxin that kills you. It is an extremely dangerous world where somehow life appears to flourish, the question is why? In this world of kill or be killed, do you have what it takes to survive in The Depths?

Game Modes

There are [CURRENTLY] 2 confirmed game-modes. There are plans to add more down the road.

  • Survival - Start as a Juvie or a Baby and try to survive to adulthood.
  • Sandbox - Start playing as a full adult and get right into the action.

Play alone or team up

You can either play alone, or team up with people and form a group. You can also have babies if you and at least 1 friend are Male and Female. Mating essentially acts as a 'spawn' for people you invite so they can be right there with you instead of searching for people to play with, but it means they start off even smaller as they are now a baby that has to be cared for by the parents.

Genetic Alterations

The most important mechanics built into the game is the Genetic Progression and Genetic Overrides. These two things are a complete game-changer and will always make you question if what you're about to attack is the right choice.

  • Genetic Progression - During your growth span between Juvie/Baby to full adulthood you can make slight modifications to your genetic profile. This means if you do a certain thing (like swimming a lot) if your animal prefers swimming to sitting then you'll get a boost to your speed, or if you eat a meal your animal likes you might get a boost to speed, bite force, more health, more mass, etc. Likewise if you do something your animal doesn't like - such as sitting around you'll gain weight and become slower (eating too much will do this too), but eating a meal you don't like can likewise cause negatives such as less health, less bite force, less mass, etc. Progression is fully automated, learning your animals likes and dislikes is the key to survival.

  • Genetic Overrides - This is where your main genetic engineering traits come from. In the character select screen you can apply the traits (if you have them unlocked) by doing various things, these allow you to put permanent buffs onto your animal such as extra damage, more speed, etc. There are 3 types you can apply. An Alpha, Beta and Mutation.

Information on the Alpha, Beta and Mutation genes below.

  • Alpha - Alpha traits are your primary dominant traits, these are where you get your major buffs to a single specific thing such as bite force.
  • Beta - Beta traits are smaller, but more on a whole that slightly alters (all) your stats to level things out the way you like such as giving more speed at the cost of slightly less bite force.
  • Mutation - Mutations are pretty unique, they allow you to completely do something not natural at all. Want a Shark with Octopus camouflage? Or do you want to make it shoot out toxins from its skin or shoot out waterproof fire from their mouth, or perhaps dermal armor? All sorta cool stuff that is completely game-changing.

Genetic Traits are unlocked by doing things your animal likes. All [Mutations] will have a mutation-challenger, what this means is, any mutation can be counteracted by at least 1 other mutation - this way there's always a potential challenge to keep you on your toes.

World Events

There will be various world events that can happen at a moments notice, either through triggering an event by exploring or a random timed event. Events will range in scale from somewhat small events to massive events that give something to do for every person, some events can be avoided, others however are impossible to escape and you must face your challenge ahead.


The story is to be told through the art of the world, why does this building have power? Why does the one next to it not have power? what is this place? Perhaps it's a clue to why the world is now submerged beneath the ocean, the clues are out there you just have to find them. It'll take a community full of love for the game to try and figure out why the entire earth is flooded and where the humans have gone, are they dead, did they leave, perhaps they never left. The entire world is one big mystery, if you love a sense of adventure with a lot of really scary creatures all around you then this is the explorative MMO PVP story you've been waiting for.

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The newest dev vlog is released bringing about some really exciting oceanic atmospherics, ranging from - volumetric refraction of light in the water, caustics hitting the seafloor, seal fur morphing and seal eye morphing.

Here's the dev vlog.

Below is the readable content version that briefly goes over what is in the video (with Gifs).

Volumetric Water Refraction (Caustics). (Gif degrades quality).

Volumetric Light Refraction

Seal fur morphing.

Morphing the seal fur so we can simulate dry (fuzzy) fur when out of water. The fur still needs a bit of work to remove the 'quading'.

Fur Morphing

Seal Eye Morphing

While the eye morphing in this case isn't so great - I decided to just do an eye morph so I can switch back and forth between both sets of eyes seamlessly. A lot of people were essentially saying when the eyes were smaller they looked like 'satan' himself sent them. Which hey that's cool! But let's keep it that way and let's just make the eyes bigger with a blendshape (morph). So now eye morphing will be a thing in the game - such as blinking eyes, etc.

Seal Eye Morphing

Caustics (seafloor).

Caustics hitting the seafloor. These aren't exactly related to the volumetric caustics, they were simply for atmospheric purposes, just as this is. So they are independent from each other.

Caustics Seafloor

Seaweed Swaying.

A new seaweed plant recently introduced, in reality this was just a first attempt at using a ZBrush Fibermesh to see if poly counts would fare out well enough, they sure did and it works beautifully with a vertex shader I made that sways it around. I can adjust the strengths, etc so it can be pretty dynamic later, such as a harsh current hitting it and blowing it around harder.

Seaweed Sway

This sums up today's Dev VLog, I really hope you all found it exciting! The game is coming along great!

You can also now wishlist Born of The Wild™ The Depths on Steam! Wishlist today to stay up to date on release information.

Thank you everyone, have a wonderful day/night and stay safe.

David Watts.

Now on Steam and new animal!

Now on Steam and new animal!


Born of The Wild: The Depths Steam page is now live, and a new species is in the game as well! Come check out the really cool information in this article...

Born of the Wild: The Depths [Current and future plans]

Born of the Wild: The Depths [Current and future plans]


Today brings exciting news, I'd like to briefly go over the things I've made and the near future plans I am planning on taking from this point forward

Born of The Wild: The Depths Mini Dev-Log #1

Born of The Wild: The Depths Mini Dev-Log #1


In this article I go over the new Sexual Dimorphism mechanics built into the server-side growth system with how they affect each gender for the species...

Born of The Wild: The Depths Dev Vlog

Born of The Wild: The Depths Dev Vlog


The second Born of The Wild: The Depths Dev Log. This time in video format!

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I apologize for the lack of updates everyone. The game is still in development. Just had some financial issues that are getting worked out.

Just wanted to keep everyone apprised.

But with this said, this will push the release date back a bit, I hope you all understand and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I am sorry for the lack of updates as of lately, I needed to take a break after working 18 hour days, 7 days a week for a few months. With a lot of the core 'mechanics' already made, now is the time for creating content before working on the other planned systems for the game. But I have posted a new GIF that shows the new water surface with how it distorts objects beneath it.

Which is way better than how it was before where it was fully opaque.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
WarheadDesignz Creator

There will be a Dev Vlog tomorrow some time, it's up on the Patreon. Patrons get access to dev log and behind the scenes content at least 1 calendar date early. But for the wait - I am uploading an image :) (The image is unrelated to the dev-log).

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WarheadDesignz Creator

There will be a dev-log soon everyone. Working on a bit more things and I'll get it pushed out :)

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I've made a slight change in platform support.

For now I have it set to support only windows - until I know 100% for a fact that testing through mac and linux works I don't want to claim it'll be supported until then.

But i'm definitely going to get to testing these platforms eventually. They are a guaranteed at least 'try'.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause - I just hate to promise things and not be sure until I try it. Trying to be as transparent and honest as I can in the development.

Take care everyone :)

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I've updated the games Icon, I hope you all like it!

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WarheadDesignz Creator

Well it appears the smaller logs won't be accepted as articles on the main news feed here, so I suppose I'll be going back to releasing dev logs when I can after I get enough content for them so it can get maximum exposure. This is mainly so I can produce the dev logs all at the same time everywhere for all the communities, so they all get a log. I won't do logs in one place and not the others, so I'm going back to releasing a dev log when I have enough content I suppose.

Thank you everyone for understanding.

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I've submitted the new Mini-Dev Log as an article.

I'm hoping to transition from larger information packed logs into more granular smaller logs that are easier to retain and digest in the end.

Hopefully it contains enough information to be accepted.

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WarheadDesignz Creator

I've decided I'm going to attempt to do smaller weekly dev logs.
This way it's easier to retain information and digest it.

This will be on a trial basis to see if it helps me work more efficiently.
However, sometimes dev logs will be instead live twitch streams while I do some work on the game. Whilst this isn't contingent on that factor and at times I may do dev logs and streams together anyways.

I suppose all I'm trying to say, I'm going to see how it goes doing weekly dev logs and/or dev streams on twitch.

The best way to keep track of when I do dev streams is to either follow our twitter or to join our discord.

Patrons on our patreon will get dev logs one day earlier than anyone else as well. If you're interested in our patreon you can find a link to it on our discord page.


Take care everyone,

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WarheadDesignz Creator

Dev-Log Article ETA - 30 minutes before submitting!

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