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Grow your tree, prune it, and watch over it as it matures into adulthood. The tree will become what you train it to be - you are the mastermind behind it's path in life.

Each tree is unique and procedurally generated to be as authentic and realistic as possible. Grow an infinite number of tree-friends using different strategies and masterfully sculpt their shapes.

It's the tree simulator you've been waiting for.

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Things you want to know


What's the mission?
Bonsai is about investing yourself into crafting and sculpting a tree. Be aggressive and hack it all down or gently guide it each step of the way, how you tend to your tree is up to you. Your tree is living art and can be a personal expression of yourself.

Why is Bonsai special?
In-game tree growth is modeled after Lindenmayer systems. It's not simply a 'tree gets bigger' simulation, each tree actually grows according to real growth patterns observed in nature based on its species and variety. Every tree is unique and each play through is different from the last.

Where to get it?


Interesting, tracking

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