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It's been a few months since Bobby was rescued after being kidnapped from the perverts at Prunecon. Now he is back in Bobby Shire and the enemies and thugs are gone and he has helped to grow Prunecon. Explore the vast kingdom of Prunescape and play as Bobby in the second Bobby Simulator. Bobby Simulator 2 is an open world exploration game, with no fixed story, less linear and more fun. *Note, this game is a parody joke. Although it sounds like Runescape, none of the assetts, references, zones or content are featured or mentioned and we do not own any of the game, aren't affiliated nor own any of their content, it all belongs to Jagex.

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Bobby Simulator 2 has now entered Early access and is available to purchase. This means, the game is still playable and functional, however, it is available whilst we strive to update and add new features, zones and content to it. Whilst it is in early access, the price is only $3 and will be on sale frequently at even lower prices whilst it is in early access. We hope to keep the game affordable for all players as we agree expensive games are vulnerable to piracy as not everybody is rich.

The game is and will be fun for all people. It is a comedic title and is now open-world! This means unlike the first Bobby Simulator, this game is now non-linear and is an open world, sandbox type game. This means you can explore and adventure throughout the massive kingdom by doing side quests with NPCs, searching for clues, finding unlocks and treasures like the jetpack or RPG and bending the world to your desires, whatever they may be. Thanks for taking our game into consideration.

The game is now available for $3. For anyone purchasing, please read the readme.txt in the folder before playing and also check back on the site you purchased it from for updates.

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Early Access/Alpha

Early Access/Alpha


The game is entering early access. This means it will soon be for sale but we will be actively developing it and updating it, so frequent updates will...

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