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BnB is a 2D real time strategy game in the same vein as Command and Conquer. If that's something that strikes your fancy, please stay a while and listen. We will be posting weekly updates.

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For this week's update of Bombs and Bullets, we add helicopters in-game for the first time. Additionally, we have edited our backlog of asset creation vids. Do come in and check it out.

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:: BnB ::
dev :: Commander Rad
tools :: Love2D, Maya, Spine, Photoshop,
web :: twitter.com/GamesBreakfast
progress ::
+ Basic VTOL functions are in (see vid)
+ Tile costs added to all tiles, only affects pathing for now, but will affect vehicle top speed in future.
+ With tile cost, comes the ability to have land, water, and amphibious vehicles.
- Gonna be focused on VTOL craft and boats for a while, lots to do.
+ Went through the stream backlog and edited up some asset creation vids:

- Helipad:

- AH-1 Cobra:

- UH-60 Black Hawk:

- Turret base:

- I don't think I'll do this for literally everything, but it is fairly low-effort content I can make before my game looks good enough to put out regular in-game vids.
+ Version 0.04 released and is available here: Balancedbreakfast.itch.io
+ I do dev streams here regularly: Twitch.tv
+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen: Soundcloud.com
+ Finally, here's the icon and render for the UH-60 Black Hawk

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