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Blue Heaven is an adults-only action-RPG mixed with Hack & Slash that tells a bloody story from the perspective of an asocial and nihilist mercenary who works enforcing the law in a decadent futuristic cyberpunk universe where good and evil are almost indistinguishable and dirty sex, deadly drugs and decomposing corpses are easy to find in the dark alleys of every metropolis. Soon he will have to leave his world behind and explore unknown lands to save by force of sword the last bit of humanity he has left, finding himself involved in a conflict of unforeseeable magnitudes. Have you ever imagined what would result from mixing Flashback or Another World with Fallout, adding gamepad-controlled realtime battles that include swords, rail guns and supernatural powers, everything spattered with scenes of explicit sex and cruelty? Well, we did so. Strong points: -Adult theme and narrative -Isometric rotoscopied animations you have never seen before -Forceful and fast tactic combat

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V1CT0R in action


Hi there! We’ve been working so hard these last weeks: new cinematic videos, more pixel art animations, a few filming sessions, more music, more visual effects…

What you see in the animated gif is a sample of what we’re achieving:

  • Animated shadows.
  • Animated reflections on custom-shaped surfaces.
  • Bloom effect for lights.
  • Dynamic ground and assets lighting.
  • Water ripples at the position where characters step on (which only affect to the custom-shaped surface).

Apart from that, we also made:

  • Rotoscopied pixel art animations (8 points of view).
  • Footprints appearance at the position where characters step on.
  • Breath appearance at the position of characters’ mouth.
  • Rain-related effects.
  • Small dust clouds where characters step on.

And many more things that we’ve planned. We want our game to look as awesome as possible!

From the kitchen to the table (2D animation process)

From the kitchen to the table (2D animation process)

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We love to be transparent and to share with all of you as much content as we can, taking into account the short time we can dedicate to write here. Of...

New post: M0N1C4

New post: M0N1C4


Sharp and fierce, honest and rash. You don’t want to fuck with her, unless you’re talking about business; otherwise you’re asking for losing your...

Blue Heaven: Taking off!

Blue Heaven: Taking off!


It’s been a while since the development of Blue Heaven was officially kicked off, concretely 1 month and 1 week. Although it seems to be a very short...

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Not yet, first we need to make sure that the game achieves the goal in kickstarter but thank you for the offer. T.co

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