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A Rogue-like-like First Person Shooter styled after the over-the-top 3d shooters from the mid-1990s.


In Bloodcrusher II, it is very important to hit things. What things you use to hit these things is entirely up to you!

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While guns are fun, you just can’t deny the fact that sometimes, you just have to bash someone’s head in with a good old melee weapon. Be it a classic blunt object or some kind of edged blade, do regular damage or stray into the elemental side of things, while not as flashy as most guns, they are equally satisfying.

Unlike a gun in BLOODCRUSHER II: FACE PUNCHER, you stick by your melee weapon at all times. No refunds or exchanges. Void nowhere. Be it your first or last level, you will have the same melee weapon should things get dicey, so make sure that you pick a good one when the game starts!
Lets start by looking at some rather simple melee weapons, starting with Crushgal’s fave, Mr. Ripper.

Its just a circular swirly blade of death! Don’t be shy!

Mr Ripper, like numerous other melee weapons, has both a primary and secondary mode. In this case, it can do one of two things; Either be rammed directly into your enemy in a way that we can only assume is very uncomfortable, or be used to start to juggle enemies into the air, perfect for setting up combos that can really make your score grow.

Following our wheel of death is another classic, the Painsaw, referred to as such because it both imparts pain, and is a chainsaw.

You don’t need to consult with anyone before using this!

The primary fire of the Painsaw allows you to go Montanna Chainsaw Slaughter House on whatever poor sap that decided to get impaled today. If you do, for some strange reason, get bored of carving some of the largest turkeys in history, the secondary fire of the Painsaw allows you to knock back said previously mentioned sap over a long distance. If you aim it right, you can even score some pretty gnarly environmental kills, which, like the buzzsaw above, is great for extra points (notice a pattern?).

The final weapon that we will be examining today is the Vertibreaker.

Piledriver Gif
Its smiling because it's happy to see you!

What does it break you ask? Well, we just assume everything, considering how it just pummels everything into neat little piles of blood and assorted guts. It works a bit differently than the other two weapons though. Rather than pressing to fire, you hold down the mouse in order to charge it, releasing when you want to unleash a fulyl powered boop! Unleashing this rage at the ground has an added bonus. The force of the impact can propel Crushgal into the air, allowing her to do a slight variation of the explosive jump; an explosive-less version. While it is less visually impressive, you don’t take the damage you would from a regular explosive jump.

Think these weapons are bad and we, by the transitive property of smash, should feel bad? Then suggest some cooler ones here! While we try to stick to a more powertools kind of theme, suggest anything! If it is rad enough, you may even see it in game!


Got to love the weapon designs!

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The saw is the law!

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Is the Vertibreaker the cousin of the UT99 Impact Hammer ;)?

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the vertibreaker needs an option on the face skin - the joker...I prefer the one from 2004 "the batman": 3.bp.blogspot.com

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TKAzA Staff

nice update!

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