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We are big fans of RPG and tactical games, where brains can get you out of difficult situations, rather than an expensive sword which will make your character overpowered.

With that in mind, this is what we want to present. We want to give the player the experience of exploring freely around the gaming world, and feel as a leader through Town Management and the Combat System. This is why we created a turn-based combat style instead of a real-time oriented combat.


Welcome to a world of magic, where people and creatures can receive magical capabilities with the infusement of magic energy from rare magical crystals. The most known crystal is the Arcane Crystal which is controlled by the Obrodian Empire, an empire of man. The spoils of war from The Great Elven War over 200 years ago. Ever since the possession of the Arcane Crystal, the Obrodians formed a special order to decide who would be infused by the arcane energies. These individuals had to pass extreme tests both mentally and physically in order to graduate. They would later be known as Arcanists. These arcanist are expert spellswords, with both combat and magic prowess. Although, they have no political power during peacetime, they are given full jurisdiction in certain areas when deployed during war, typically to hold forts, lead armies, or operate intelligence operations.

Our story begins when war has broken out between the northern kingdom of man known as Vuista. The Vuista were originally ascendants of the Obrodians, however a civil war broke out over 100 years ago over the use of the arcane crystal. Although, the Vuista were unable to obtain the arcane crystal for themselves, they were able to separate from the southern region and maintain independence against the Obrodians. Recently, the Vuista have uncovered a new magic crystal known as the “Occult Crystal”. The occult crystal allowed extremely easier blood infusions as a host would only need a small trace of the energy to harness it’s energy because the energy itself fed on blood to grow exponentially. This allowed any user to use raw magical power without the need for long training and discipline. However, because the occult energy fed on blood, it would continue to feed until the user was drained from one’s own blood. This caused the user’s flesh to deteriorate until there was nothing left leaving them a soulless husk. The Vuista used this to their advantage and infused the blood of ordinary foot soldier sending them to the frontlines against the Obrodians. The Obrodians army was much stronger and organized than the Vuista, but the charge of so many magic users took its toll on the Obrodians when the Vuista finally broke into Obrodian territory just a little over a year ago. The arcanist program was accelerated and students were sent into action before graduation. The top students were sent to the more important locations while the possible graduates were sent on patrol missions or small garrisons.

You are one of these students. You are sent away from the frontlines and more towards the south to a small mining town of Auguston. An arcanist student was sent there 6 months ago to maintain a steady shipment of iron for the war efforts and to stop any troll incursions to the west from what’s known as “Troll Country” where tribes of trolls make regular raids against Obrodian settlements. However, ore shipment has stopped 3 months ago and any attempt for communication has failed. You are given full jurisdiction of Auguston, tasked with the investigation and reinstatement of Auguston’s ore shipments.

  • Harvest resources.
  • Craft potions and equipment.
  • Take control of the village. Build and upgrade buildings which offer new companions and perks .
  • Upgrade the village for more reliable defense against Raids.
  • Deliver a unique RPG experience unlike anything you have seen before.
  • Arrange your party and use tactical methods in order to achieve victory.
  • Recruit citizens, travelers, mercenaries and more, to help you fight in battle.
  • Discover unique followers and gain their loyalty. Each decisions and actions you will take, it will have different pros and cons.
  • Morning/Night cycle with dynamic weather effects. Explore and discover new passages and areas.
  • Always updating and no sign of stopping.

Below is a list of companions that the player may be able to recruit during his adventure. The list is not complete and we plan to release more companions. Also, These are our concepts and some of them have been fully developed and is working in the game at the moment.

The Scout

The Rogue

The Adventurer

The Bard

The Alchemist

We are currently on KICKSTARTER and STEAM

As well you can Like us on FACEBOOK and Follow us TWITTER

Stayed tuned regularly as we post new videos showing all the different aspects of the game, including new features not yet mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to view our game

Made by Stoneworks Games

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Offer is valid until 29th of August!

A big thank you for all of our supporters that helped us reach this far. We promise to continue implimenting new content and fixing bugs until the game will be smooth and complete.

If you haven't purchase your copy, you have a chance to do so.
Buy a copy for you, or a friend.


Crafting new Weapons

New Equipment

New reworked Quests

New UI

Village Management. Decide if you will help and be a caring Lord, or a brutal and fearsome ruler.

Use magic and sword as your closest friend.

Hire companions to help you push back all the enemies. May they be Bandits, Orcs, Goblins or Creatures of the night. Make no discrimination.

Upgrade yours and companions' skills for more effective methods.
Plan your attack carefully and make sure to never take your enemy lightly!

and much more....

Join Us, in a journey where devs and community develop a game together.
Help us make the game you would love playing.

Once more we thank you for all your support and kind reviews. We wouldn’t have gone this far without your help.

Thank you,
Stoneworks Games

Update Alpha 0.72.7

Update Alpha 0.72.7


Update Alpha 0.72.7 Patch Notes: -All Story Quest until the Goblin's Camp were edited -All Side Quest until the Ogre's Camp were edited -UI layout was...

Update Alpha 0.72.6 U and I v2

Update Alpha 0.72.6 U and I v2


Update Alpha 0.72.6 U and I v2 Patch Notes -Mine B Room (Goblin Camp) has been optimized -UI Dialogs were remade in order to have bigger fonts, changed...

Update Alpha 0.72.3 Crafting Quest Remade

Update Alpha 0.72.3 Crafting Quest Remade


The player will no longer be blocked when building the blacksmith at the admin table and will instead have a new quest appear after construction

Blood of Magic - Update 0.71.8

Blood of Magic - Update 0.71.8


Militia is changing into a Trooper. With the skill to equip different weapons


As of now it appears its abandoned. No update or communications for Dev since Aug 2016.

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Looks beautiful!

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Looks cool!

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