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Blitzkrieg is a tough-as-nails tower defence game from Loui Studios. Complete with a built-in level creator, so you can create and share levels with other players! You defend the motherland from invading convoys of tanks, cars, and jeeps while enemy aircraft bomb vital buildings. Utilise an arsenal of flamethrowers, high-explosive cannons, artillery, machine guns, missile launchers, AA turrets, pill-box bunkers, and experimental tesla weaponry to survive the blitzkrieg. Each level is a tightly woven puzzle of turret placement, optimisation, and upgrades. Careful strategy is the key to your survival.

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Blitzkrieg Demo

Blitzkrieg Demo


This is the demo version of Blitzkrieg This version contains 3 free levels for you to play. If you enjoy the game and would like to experience more Blitzkrieg...