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*Due to my inability to gain essentially any attention for this game's development, I have moved on to other projects for now. I will return to and likely remake Blight at a future date, but it is suspended indefinitely until then. Hopefully, another project will become successful enough to return to Blight. I appreciate the support I've received so far, and I also apologize to those same supporters that I have been unable to deliver.* Blight is an independently-developed platformer that spans four kingdoms as you combat an industrialized race bent on draining every resource available out of the land. Players are helped along by a pendant that gives them the ability to harness a wall of power temporarily. This allows the player to block projectiles, clear pathways, disrupt enemies, raise dangerous obstacles and ceilings, and float temporarily. System Requirements: Windows PC DirectX 9 compatible video card Recommended: Intel Pentium D or better Nvidia Geforce 7900 or better

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Blight Level Select
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Here's a first look at the level selection for Blight. It's still early and more will be added to it, but it shows a great way to get into levels.

As you can see, while level 1 is selected, you can see a blurry forest in the background. When that level is selected, it seamlessly fades into the corresponding level. Also, while switching between which level is selected, the background crossfades between each. Lastly, the music continues from the selection on into the level and continues when you head back to level selection until you begin a level with a different theme. So no real gaps in the music, but a cohesive experience.

And yes, this is the first world--there are more levels than just seven.

As a side note, the story is largely about corruption. So each level title will become a little more corrupted-looking as you progress through the story. The level titles string together to tell a cohesive story/poem, but each also pertains to the theme of each level.

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