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Blaze is a retro/minimalistic styled sci-fi first person flight/shooter action game. The game can be played almost single handedly with just mouse. It's about shooting a lot of alien things (in semi-randomized missions?). The alien things are trying capture all your base, and have already captured at least half of it. You have to defend the base and capture the alien controlled areas back. Or something like that...

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TwinBeast Author

Probably all weapons could heat some. They could all use one heat counter, so if one weapon overheated, you can't fire other weapons either. Or each weapon has own heat counters, though you only see the currently selected weapon's heat.

Missiles/etc don't generate any heat. So you could fire them while the Main Weapon is heated.

Being in lava could generate heat, and if missiles/etc can be destroyed with damage.. well, then lava is a very bad place to be, as your craft would heat up, get damaged, and your missiles would explode before hitting the enemies.

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I second this.

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It's an automatic shotgun type weapon. The barrels move back/forth when fired.

The thing in the middle is a Missile. Just happened to get into the screenshot. There's also Nuclear Missiles, which are bigger.. and make Big Bada Boom! (can hit things behind walls)

There's some update to the Upper HUD. The "Owned/Ready Weapons" changed to Weapon Heat, Overload and Incoming Missile Warning. The Key slots changed to Target and Locked. The Powerup slots continue with the "ripped off panel" look. Three of the "Rune" slots became the new Key slots.

The first little counter shows currently targetted enemy's hitpoints (percentage) and the second counter shows the distance to it. Current game scale is 16 units = 1 meter (the counter goes up to 250m). The other 2 counters don't display anything yet, and don't know what they could display. One of them could maybe display how many enemies are nearby?

The Lower HUD displays the right stuff with the numbers, but the icons need some new graphics. Missile/etc counter/icon on the left, Hitpoints in the middle, Main weapon stuff at the right.

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