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I will never forget the day it happend. I will never forget the day our own kind turned.I will never forget. Welcome to (Black heart) the beautiful HD fps with large scale maps and lots to look at. This was a large project and one I hope you will like. With great graphics and animations this is sure to be a blast. There is great detail ineach model and hard thaght in mapping I hope you have fun. ps. Game engine said's costume built it is really gameguru engine. Dooky101

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HenryT77 says

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Too short but very good atmosphere.


Szamer says

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It's good so far but it does need improvements.


datmanguy says

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Great game dooky101 really impressed me with this people that put a 1 out of 10 are just judging it by being another zombie game all in all good game bravo dooky101 the only thing that I saw wrong was long loading.


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