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BLACK DAY is a singleplayer shooter game based on infiltration. BLACK DAY allow you to personalize the game experience by setting different variable such as equipment, number and types of enemies… therefore you can design a funny and easy game or set up a hardcore infiltration mission where even farting may result in your death… Release on Steam: 29th september 2017

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Black Day, a sandbox military infiltration game is now deploying its biggest and best update since the Early Access release. Alpha 0.93 is finally online and ready for download. This update contains no less then eight major improvements and dozens of corrections and tweaks.

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Dear Gamers,

Black Day, a sandbox military infiltration game is now deploying its biggest and best update since the Early Access release. Alpha 0.93 is finally online and ready for download. This update contains no less then eight major improvements and dozens of corrections and tweaks.

Lets start with the new ghillie suits that are now available.

This equipment is the snipers primary choice of camouflage. This suit not only offers great visuals but also gives a considerable bonus when infiltrating. Depending on your posture and mobility while also taking advantage of the terrain your chances of being detected by the enemy will be significantly reduced. AI Teammates can also be equipped with the ghillie suit and profit from its advantages.

A other important update is the new tutorial.

Showing players how to use the controls and learn all the mechanics the game has to offer. This level will teach you how to play Black Day one step at a time.

Going forward with the update, I introduce to you a complete weapon audio overhaul.

Every weapon firing sound effect has been modified (with and without silencers). This offers a more realistic and immersive combat ambiance especially during intense firefights with AI.
I leave you the pleasure of discovering these new sounds by BoomLibrary.

Night Vision and Thermal goggles are finally viewable on the characters.

This offers no gameplay advantage and is only meant as a visual improvement.

Black Day has also improved with new hand to hand combat tactics.

You can now eliminate hostiles by silently approaching your target and jumping them from behind and breaking their necks. The old method of using a knife has been removed and replaced with this action providing more realism and immersion. Your teammates can also execute this deadly takedown action.

A new functionality that has also been added is the ability to whistle.

A simple button press will allow you to attract the enemy attention to your position for a quick stealth kill. You can also order teammates to whistle in order to keep targets at distance.

The AN/PVQ-31A scope now comes with a 1-5X zoom.

Like classic sniper scopes you can now switch between different zooms allowing you to adapt your shots to different situations.

Two new objectives are also available. Eliminate V.I.P and recover access codes and hack computer.

The first new objective will force you to eliminate a static target in a high security perimeter. Perfect for sniper missions. The second new objective asks the player to recover and memorize a certain access code in order to hack a specific computer terminal. One mistake when entering the code will lock the computer and the objective is failed.

I hope this new content will please you, as usual feel free to comment on the forums and don’t hesitate to write a review in order to attract a larger audience and help the game get known.

- Overhaul: Weapons sounds
- Add: Tutorial
- Add: Ghillie suit
- Add: Far shadows rendering
- Add: Night vision goggles mesh visible
- Add: Stealth takedown action
- Add: New task - Kill VIP
- Add: New task - Get access code and hack computer
- Add: ACOG scope can use 1-5X zooms
- Add: Whistle action
- Add: Dynamic objective UI notificators
- Add: Dynamic XP UI notificator
- Add: Dynamic reward UI notificator
- Add: AI order - Whistle
- Add: New keyboards/Gamepad icons
- Add: Specific marker spot to soldier with sniper rifle
- Add: Specific marker spot to soldier with rocket launcher
- Add: Specific marker spot to soldier with machine gun
- Add: Specific marker spot to cyborg
- Add: Shoot distant SFX
- Add: Editable names of teammates on Sandbox menu
- Tweak: Jalh-Ab Desert rocks
- Tweak: Lost Island rocks
- Tweak: VFX improvement
- Tweak: Max shadow quality (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Tweak: Max shadow quality (Avieno Land)
- Tweak: Max shadow quality (Training camp)
- Tweak: AI behavior CQC
- Tweak: AI pathfinding
- Tweak: Sandbox Menu UI
- Tweak: Disable AI can do friendly fire
- Tweak: IW-2000 scale
- Tweak: CZ-750 weight
- Tweak: Footsteps SFX
- Tweak: Shoot with scope camera shake
- Tweak: VFX sniper shoot with suppressor
- Tweak: Use scope view with cover position
- Tweak: Initialization first save file
- Tweak: Player animation system optimization
- Tweak: UI notificators
- Tweak: Enemy sniper have scope attachment
- Tweak: Flashlight light
- Tweak: Apocalypse lighting
- Tweak: Teammates with gun idles animations
- Tweak: Aiming idle animation play rate
- Tweak: Parachute attach location to soldier
- Tweak: Parachute land animation
- Tweak: Parachute camo
- Tweak: AI order - Neutralize enemy
- Tweak: AI teammates squad behavior
- Tweak: AI unarmed flee
- Tweak: AI teammates follow behavior
- Tweak: AI use better selector fire mode
- Tweak: AI enemy soldier follow squad leader in patrol behavior
- Tweak: Action inputs names
- Fix: Apocalypse mode doesn't update difficulty options correctly
- Fix: Commands enabled while intro/insertion menu
- Fix: Leaning usable if wounded
- Fix: Crosshair replicate
- Fix: UI command 2d location
- Fix: Wrong update keybindings UI
- Fix: Icons keybinding missing
- Fix: AI Jeep detection
- Fix: AI soldiers sight in group
- Fix: AI soldiers squad spawn
- Fix: AI soldiers collisions between them
- Fix: AI chopper detection with light
- Fix: AI soldiers safe behavior in faction war
- Fix: AI soldier patrol errors
- Fix: Some AI orders
- Fix: SMG Shoot VFX
- Fix: Synchronized shoots UI Z order
- Fix: Select mode fire sound used if weapon does nothing selector
- Fix: Rare bug with suitcase spawn
- Fix: Some climb errors
- Fix: Drone detection
- Fix: Enemy soldier spawn in faction war
- Fix: Some AI pathfinding errors
- Fix: Ghost weapons materials init errors
- Fix: G36 holographic sight camo error
- Fix: Double Laser/Flashlight camo error
- Fix: Success/Fail task sounds have wrong sound class
- Fix: Single Laser camo error
- Fix: Single Flashlight camo error
- Fix: River spline (Heaven of peace)
- Fix: Wrong some flashlight attachment for enemies
- Fix: Change weapons materials
- Fix: Ironman error
- Fix: "No XP required" doesn't unlock game mode
- Fix: Clothes errors if launch mission without never customize characters
- Fix: Missing footstep sound with pistol (sprint/forward/left and right)
- Fix: Landscape (Area 47)
- Fix: Wrong collision wall (Medieval city)
- Fix: Missing stair (Eastern Village)
- Fix: Fences collisions (Eastern Village)
- Fix: Fences collisions (Jalh-Ab Desert)
- Fix: Wrong french text
- Fix: Some errors scripts
- Remove: Knife attack (replaced with takedown)
- Remove: Spot enemy distance UI (Optimization)

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