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AWAKEN THE BITCH. Play as Orokana Meinu, a young woman who isn't motivated to do anything with her life but is forced to by the player to seek out purpose in her life. Will she give up completely? Crawl her way through to find the ominous end of her world? Find great colleagues or a romantic lover? Help an oppressed race of people find their place in the world? Denounce her past ways and purge the evil from the land? Or perhaps, stay true with her destiny, and take the Path of the Bitch? That is for you to decide, as she is literally incapable of making any decisions for herself!

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A satire RPG full of wackiness, references, spelling errors, unhelpful social commentary, yet with some dark secrets perhaps not worth exploring... Expect bugs and some issues in Beta!

Bitch Quest RPG - BETA

How long is this game? Nudity? Sex?
I am making my own game that I believe is pretty funny. Has some nude battlers and Characters. Some of them are ugly, some came out really good.
And written about sex. I didn't want an H game. I am using Ace Lite to see what I can do with that.
I haven't posted it anywhere though, I didn't want to post an unfinished game, there are too many of those.
I just wanted to post here, I'll probably try Bitch Quest whether you answer or not, lol

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Araskael Author

Not too long, but not too short, I ran through it in around 2 hours, but it can probably be much more if you explore. There is no nudity or sexual situations in this game.

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I have questions/ comments. The point where either Bitch blasts the door open or the woman blasts the door open for her, she says the same thing.
I even played it where I blasted the door then went to the woman and she acted out blasting it herself. Which is actually a small matter, and has no affect on gameplay.
At the Filler Quest Farm the guy thanked me for saving the farm and then had me do the job. And are those other fighters just teasers? They say some weird stuff. I collected $2500 thinking I could get the one. Lol.
I purged the thing that wanted the Blue Feather and she kept trying to purge the square which kept saying the same stuff.

If some of these are in here for comic value. I don't wanna knock em.

There is also a money bug I was exploiting,which I wont mention lol.

Is this a short game? Is the Demon God the last fight and you're meant to lose? If not, I'll have to find out how to get to the couple things i've missed.My characters have no armour that'll protect against his spells.
I love rpgs, but I'm not great at figuring them out. I usually rely on walkthroughs.

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Araskael Author

The game is a bit short, but should last at least 2 hours, more if you explore around or try out different paths; there's no one definitive way to play it. A lot of the game is mainly for comedic value, though the things you mentioned sound like bugs. The Filler Quest Farm in particular is just a silly place mainly to be a quip at MMORPGs. I haven't had much feedback for this game in a long time, so I kinda kept my mind off of it and forgot a few things; I don't remember the Demon God part exactly, but I don't think you're supposed to win it. I might eventually make a playthrough video some day, I was hoping someone else could do it with some commentary.

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This was a nice little game. I found 4 endings.I wanted more when it was

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Bitch Quest RPG
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