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A light hearted 2d platforming adventure game. Janice's quest to get a decent cup of tea continues, as she unravels the mysteries that lie Beyond Teatime. Beyond Teatime will feature mechanics inspired by classic platformers, and elements of exploration and character improvement inspired by games like Zelda and Metroid. Beyond Teatime is active development, and will eventually be available for PC, Linux and Mac. Release should be in the first half of 2014.

RSS October 12 Update - Backgrounds and Minibosses

Development continues. This weeks work focused mainly on updating level graphics and getting the first mini-boss working.

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Development continues. This week's work focused mainly on updating level graphics and getting the first mini-boss working.

I've been pretty busy this week, but I've managed to put in some time on Beyond Tea Quest. Early this week, I did some quick artwork for the level backgrounds. It's amazing how much better a simple background makes the levels look. The background shown here, for the River/Foothills level, will likely be changed a bit for its final version but it's nice seeing the game start to look somewhat proper.

Backgrounds; Clinically proven to make things look more interesting.

Caves And Mini-Bosses

The Caves section of the game also got a bit of attention this week. Gaining a background of its own. As well, (though it still needs a lot of tuning) the battle with the first mini-boss is now working. He's an angry old kettle with a grudge, but beating him leads to Janice's first upgrade.

An upgrade

Bugs and Stuff

This week also had me battling a few bugs I'd encountered in Construct 2 - it seems that persistent objects like to swap some of their variables when the layout changes. Maybe I'm the only one running into this issue which caused me a lot of grief with my implementation of gates. It's hard to make a gate to hold a player in an area, when it will randomly open itself after they die. But I managed to get that sorted out, so now future players will have proper boss battles to look forward to.

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