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About Beans:

aussi disponible en français

We have worked tirelessly to create this Glib Activity Management Escapism: or G.A.M.E. for short. Quickly! Before your short finite existence on this small wet rock hurtling around the sun ends you can find new meaning for yourself by playing this G.A.M.E. Or at least have some fun for a while and chase away the spectre of your own mortality with hours of polished simulation fun.

Live the Dream!

Create your own coffee shop and grow it to a franchise! Will your brand sell overpriced fancy coffee in a luxurious shop or will you provide Organic Free-Range beans surrounded by comfy second-hand furniture? It’s all up to you! Customize and build your brand and take it all the way to the big leagues!

Experiment and Unlock!

Create and combine ingredients to find the drink and food recipes that even the customers didn’t know they wanted. From something as simple as an espresso to taste bud abominations like the Bagel-Cino! It’s your imagination versus your patrons’ stomachs.

Manage like a Boss!

Hire staff and train them to unlock new options. Select the food and drinks you want your staff to focus on. Figure out what your customers crave. Create your best team and menu to make your franchise dream come true!


Follow your character through a story of Murder, Betrayal, Redemption, and well, Coffee. Thrust into the spotlight you have been given the chance of a lifetime: prove yourself as an exceptional business mogul and win the inheritance of the Coffeebottom Estate. That is if you can survive the competition. *Cue Dramatic Music*

Put Your Skills to the Test!

Events of different natures (Story, Random, Hosted) will require you to be ready to change up your gameplay on the fly. Did a tour bus full of Seniors just park outside? Or did you decide to Host local bands for a Jam Session. New customers are flooding in and the lines are long and customers are getting impatient and are out about to leave? Figure it out! Identify what the customers want and deliver it. Give your employees new orders, set out more chairs and tables, change what’s available on your menu, modify your prices and more.

Move on and Create New and Different Restaurants!

If you can build and manage your Coffee Shop well enough you can move on to bigger challenges in more lucrative locations that may require strategic planning on your part. Will you run a coffee shop on a University Campus the same way you would in a busy shopping center? It’s up to you to brew your own destiny.

Who has time for Paragraphs? Not You!

Coffee Shop Simulation Fun!

Manage your restaurant

Place Furniture and Decorations which directly impacts the type of customers who will show up

Hire and Train employees

Invest in appliances to expand your menu

Experiment and research new (and potentially crazy) foods and drinks

Events (hosted or surprise) will put your ability to plan and adapt to the test

Build your brand by opening new stores in new strategic locations

Follow a fun story of greed, betrayal, murder, redemption, and above all Coffee!

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Hey there folks!

The lovely overlords at Steam have decided that we should be greenlit, and we couldn’t be happier with their decision!
Steamcommunity.com is going to be our discussion hub for the game, but of course, we’ll keep making posts here.


In order to move forward, we have to start working on paperwork to get ourselves LLC’d, and to make sure we have somewhere for funds to go, taxes, etc.
So, now we’re in paperwork land for a bit, which will occupy most of our time along with our day jobs. More news on that front as it develops.

Regarding Beans, we’re working on:

  • Text animations to convey emotion, fun, feelings in the text.
  • Finishing up the grid and walking system for AI.
  • Animation tweaks and debugging.
  • Chasing down the elusive ‘poop on the desk and leave’ bug.

Updates to come soon – thanks again for all of your support in getting us greenlit.
Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

Matt, Matt, Matt and Katie.

Alpha Crunch

Alpha Crunch


Tales of development - crunching toward alpha. We describe a few new features and our struggles in development.

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