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Age of Baurah is an MMORPG SandBox immersed in a fantasy world reigned by two great factions in contention for territories, power, resources and world reputation. In Baurah there are different types of Races and Classes that will give you a unique gameplay and dynamics exploring new territories, defeating different monsters and fighting side by side with your friends against your enemies. Baurah is the central continent where the conflict between two large factions (Gollik and Mezuk) divided on the map by a powerful city known as Throdok arises. Throdok's reign is so powerful that even the two warring factions couldn't even do anything against Throdok. The factional division began with an internal dispute in Throdok where two powerful leaders were banished from the city, many of the followers of both leaders made the decision to move with their leaders. In Throdok many living beings of different races coexisted.

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Depending on the race you choose, it may be a benefit when choosing a class. For example if you choose to be a Vermot your suitable class would be Conjured, the Vermot race stands out for its intelligence and learning of powerful spells, however this does not limit the option of being able to be another race and choose to be conjured. Baurah has 4 classes and 7 subclasses. Starting classes are ''Conjured, Wagner, Slayer, Sorcerer''

In Baurah there are conquerable islands, each faction can enter an exhaustive war against their enemies to conquer these islands that will generate resources and benefits for the victorious faction.

One of the most important events in Baurah is the well-known Faction War where every day the warriors will be able to join the war in a continent outside Baurah, the objective is to defeat the enemy fortress killing the guards and the fortress chief. The victorious faction will be able to have the privilege of invading the enemy city, killing their allies, their camps, their power source, their npcs and thus obtain points redeemable for premium items.

Throdok works as a link between Gollik and Mezuk, thus Throdok is a neutral city that is in favor of peace on the continent, this means that Gollik and Mezuk cannot wage wars on Throdok soil, nor in their surroundings. Mercenaries inhabit Throdok who may be in favor of one or the other, or even in favor of both, Mercenaries is a neutral faction that inhabits Throdok

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