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Battleship Commander is a single player, non twitch-based sandbox space game. The features that differentiate it from others game of the same genre are the accurate damage modeling and ship customization. The ships are made of hulls with slots for component and turrets. You build the ship by filling the slots with components. These can be for examples powerplants, engines, weapons and many others. Each component has mass, hitpoints, dimensions and a position inside the ship and can be damaged. When it happens the ship lose the functionality provided by that component. The armor of the hull and turrets can be customized by choosing the metal type and the thickness. The interaction between weapons and armor is realistically modeled.In Battleship Commander you are the captain of the ship and do not manually aim the guns or pilot the ship, instead you give orders to the AI, though manual piloting is possible.

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A stream of missiles digs a hole in the ship from side to side.