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Battle Siege Royale provides a gaming experience that is both unique and memorable, offering hours of quality replay value. The concept is simple, build your fortress, choose your siege weapon, defend your lands and outlast the enemy. If you and your castle can make it to the end you will be crowned champion of the siege!

1) Pick from three weapon types
2) Pick from three game modes
3) Outlast 4-9 enemy kingdoms (based on selected game mode)

Battle Siege Royale has combat and movement controls similar to a tank game with a gameplay style similar to a battle royale. You choose either a; ballista, trebuchet or catapult, defend your castle (the only place you can go to repair your damaged weapon) and destroy the 4-9 other player's siege weapons and castles before they can destroy yours! A shrinking map forces enemies closer together, till one kingdom reigns supreme! Offering a dynamic blend of offence as well as defense, Battle Siege Royale makes the battle royale genre a little more interesting.

More of the cooperative type? Opt for the team royale game mode, where you and a group of friends defend your kingdom and destroy all others. The premise is the same as the traditional battle royale mode, but with a handful of friends to have your back.

Want to sharpen your skills or play in the backwoods with no internet? Single player helps you hone in your aim and tactics while outwitting challenging AI.

The fastest and most agile of all the siege weapons, the ballista is easy to drive, steer and aim; however, it is also has the smallest punch of all siege engines. Having a lighter frame and lighter projectile makes the ballista an easy target for the more powerful siege weapons. If fast repetitive blasts and close combat are your style, the ballista is the perfect choice.

Originally pioneered by the early Romans, the ballista made its way through history as a tried and true siege weapon, landing itself in medieval warfare throughout Europe. Due to scarcity of resources and the advent of newer inventions, the ballista was a less common weapon than the trebuchet or catapult. The design of the ballista is similar to a great crossbow, set upon wheels and launching a great iron bolt.

Not as agile as the ballista, but not as slow as the trebuchet, the catapult is the tried and true siege engine of medieval warfare. The catapult has a sturdier frame and heavier projectile than the ballista, making it stronger against attacks and more devastating towards enemies. For those players that like balance, the catapult is for you.

Perhaps the most widely recognized siege weapon of all time, the catapult was actually pioneered earlier than the ballista by the Greeks. Countless variations made their way to the battle field throughout history, but the basic design remained the same. A bucket tied under tension would be pulled back with a large stone and released to launch the stone great distances.

The undisputed king of the siege engines, the trebuchet launches the most powerful projectiles (with the largest impact radius) and boasts the strongest frame. All of this power comes at a cost; however, with the trebuchet being painfully slow and awkward to steer. If over-powered raw muscle is your style, the trebuchet is the key to your victory.

The largest and perhaps most powerful siege weapon was the trebuchet (although much less mobile). Perhaps originally created by the Chinese as the early mangonel, a manually powered type of trebuchet, the larger and more powerful trebuchet is debated as to its origins. Some speculate the Norman English created the first, while others speculate the Franks. Nevertheless, this powerful siege engine wreaks havoc anywhere it goes. The weapon has a long arm attached to a heavy counter weight and held by a release rope or hook. When the arm is released the counterweight thrusts the arm forward launching even the heaviest of projectiles.

Castles are a key mechanic in battle siege royale and they contribute greatly to the game's very strategic gameplay.

Your castle is where you spawn on the map and while inside it you slowly regain health.

You can either hold your castle and wait for the enemies to attack or you can choose to go on the offensive to try however you will then be leaving your castle open to attacks.

Once your castle has been sieged that area of the map will be cut off and any players that choose to stay will start to quickly lose HP.

One of our favourite features for the castles is that they will be destructible so you can have the satisfaction of sieging them to dust.

Our goal is to provide at least 5 maps in the game by December's early access release.

Each map will be based off a real life location like the Scottish Highlands, The White Cliffs of Dover, Iceland, Wessex, Norway and more! Travel to medieval England as a Viking and bring down the walls of Mercia, or cross the channel to Normandy and extract payback as a Saxon lord. You will be able to choose your patron kingdom and desired location of siege in both multiplayer or the single player campaign mode.

We currently have a complete demo map, but we are excited to polish our game mechanics and then move all of our resources into providing unique and historical locations for your seiging desires! Our goal is to provide at least four additional maps for early access in December.

We currently have a complete demo map, but we are excited to polish our game mechanics and then move all of our resources into providing unique and historical locations for your seiging desires! Our goal is to provide at least four additional maps for early access in December.

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Hey Folks!

I don’t want to be one of those robot like developers you know nothing about so I’m going to start off this week’s devlog with something I’ve been doing in my spare time while not developing. This week I’ve been doing a lot of wood working, you may think this a strange hobby for an indie game developer but actually it’s quite similar to programming. How? Well it requires the meticulous attention to detail that I use while bug hunting in my code. I enjoy working from home on this kind of stuff, and getting a bit of cash on Etsy for my crafts. I’ve been thinking about making some PC cases out of antique tube radios from 30s, 40s & 50s as my next project. I’ve attached an example of what they look like below.

As always if you enjoy this update please go ahead and wishlist the game over on steam! IT REALLY HELPS :D


New: Flint Castle


Wait, you wanted another castle? Well... have we got news for you! We just added the most impressive castle in the game to date. Flint Castle was built by the English as part of the “ring of Iron” which was a group of castles that were used to suppress the Welsh uprising.

unknown 1 2


Before taking a brief sabbatical from castles to focus on other areas (as you’ll hear later on in this article) we managed to get the 3D model done for Flint including 3 cottages and the palisade wall.


This is the most well defended castle you will face head to head in Battle Siege Royale. It’s so strong because you will have to use your siege engine to breach not 1, not 2 but 3 walls. First there’s the outer palisade wall which we’ll discuss later on, next the inner stone wall and then finally the castle wall itself. If that sounded easy to you it’s also surrounded by a river, so players will be forced to make a frontal attack. All while being blasted by enemy AI including catapults and trebuchets.

unknown 2 1

New house models

This week we also created a few models for houses specifically in flint shire which is the area around flint castle as a means to add a bit of visual diversity. In terms of placement of these buildings Jordan actually placed each one individually rather than randomly spawning them. This way we were able to make sure that each one felt like it wasn’t out of place.

Palisade Wall around city

Wooden palisade wall which is slightly easier to get past than flint’s stone wall in terms of hitpoints. Flint is actually the only BSR castle so far that has such a palisade. Inside the palisade there is a village which you can pillage on your way to the main castle wall.

unknown 2

Gamepad Optimised

Jordan did a lot of work on the main menu and pause menu to make it more intuitive for people on controllers. Our recommendation at this point is actually to use a controller as we have put so much work into it. In other controller news; Players can now use a mouse to turn their siege weapon. In addition, we added a turbo speed mode as play testers found siege weapons to be really slow. With Shift or left trigger you’ll now get 30% more speed, it’s even mapped out so harder a press leads to faster movement. Finally, we also optimised options menus. All of the small changes above were due to the feedback of our awesome playtesters.

That's all for this week folks, join us on our discord if you have any thoughts on this weeks issue.

Graphics Settings, Death Screens and New launch date

Graphics Settings, Death Screens and New launch date


We've got a massive new update to the closed beta for you, details on how to get access and news about the updated release date.

How to Maintain Momentum after Major Setbacks

How to Maintain Momentum after Major Setbacks

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Battle Siege Royale's Kickstarter Launched!

Battle Siege Royale's Kickstarter Launched!

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5 ways to prepare for your game or mod's kickstarter

5 ways to prepare for your game or mod's kickstarter


Battle Siege Royale is launching on kickstarter in a few days and we'd love to share how we're spending our limited time getting ready. Hopefully this...

The_Grey_Wizard Creator

Hey guys, please consider joining our mailing list. We have noticed that the problem with social media such as facebook or instagram from a developers perspective is that at most posts will only be seen by around 35% of your followers which means that our fans could miss out on key announcements. We've therefore realised that the best way to go is email because with email you never miss out on announcements such as new features or the game's final release.

If you join our mailing list here Mailchi.mp you will not only get access to weekly devlogs before others but also you will receive the kickstarter build one day early!

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Looks like a lot of potential! I’m excited to play it.

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Thankyou so much! This means so much and thankyou to all those who upvoted!

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