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If you like the game, share it so more people will know about it! Updates are going to come frequently and i'm working most days for about 5-6 hours a day! It's my first 3D game so don't be really mean if the game looks bad :D

-You move with Arrow Keys
-Hold Key "I" To See Inventory
-Press Key "P" To Pause The Game

What Each Green Block Does(Shops)(There is No Information in-game What Each Shop Does)

(Frome LEFT to RIGHT)
1.If you have 4 or more Dirt, you can upgrade your pick
2.If you have 4 or more Stone, you can upgrade your pick
3.If you have 4 or more Stone, you can buy a furnace
4.If you have 1 or more Iron Ingots, you can sell them
-If you have iron ore touch the furnace to smelt it

5.Fifth Shop doesnt do anything yet in Alpha 2.0. Will be added in the next update!

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Planned Features


I already have some planned feature that i will be adding to Ball's Craft!

  • Make Main Menu
  • Make Skybox Better
  • Make Better Inventory
  • Make Actual Terrain With Mountains Full Of Ores (Probably Proceduraly Generated)
  • Add Factories
  • Add More Buildings
  • And Some Other Stuff
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Alpha 2.0 Version

Alpha 2.0 Version


This is the second version of the game. Just extract and launch the game!

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